Which supports the latest homebrew&emulator on Nintendo Switch, SX OS?

Today, Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest consoles on the video game market. He brought a huge success with millions of copies sold for the Big N. Of course, he at the same time removed the eyes of hackers, finally a group of the hack that is named Team Xecuter completely hacked the Switch […]

Is there a free 3ds 11.7 exploit to use for playing games or installing CFW?

Does any 3ds exploit work on the latest 11.7.0-40 firmware? If there is a free 3ds 11.7 exploit to use, what can it do on the 3DS V11.7 firmware console, playing free games, installing CFW or Homebrews? If you have questions like them, let sky-3ds.com give you answer here. Any 3DS Exploit work on the […]

Which site gets Octopath Traveler in stock and how we hack this game to play freely?

Octopath Traveler physical edition is selling out all over the world currently, if you don’t wait for 1 to 2 month or pay for unreasonable price to buy the Octopath Traveler, our this article can help you with 2 solutions. Stock Status of Octopath Traveler Let’s see people’s experience when buying Octopath Traveler physical version or Octopath Traveler Wayfarer’s […]

Xecuter SX Pro: Launch your game backups on Nintendo Switch

Xecuter SX Pro, the first product to launch copies of games on Nintendo Switch. For the first time on the last console of Nintendo, this will be possible thanks to the work of the hackers. Additional point: the product will launch games on all firmware, the latest at the time we write these lines: the […]

SX Pro and OS in stock, when you can receive it after order in USA?

Great news, currently SKY-3DS.COM gets SX Pro and SX OS Code both in stock. No matter you want to buy the Pro kit or the OS license keys from our site, as long as you are in USA, you can receive it within a short time after payment. How to buy SX PRO or SX […]

Review of SX Pro and SX OS License

Welcome to our test of the Xecuter SX Pro! After a long wait, the product is finally here. The Xecuter SX Pro and included OS can be used to back up Nintendo Switch games as well as homebrew. Team Xecuter kindly provided us with a review sample – thanks for that! Then let’s have a […]

Xecuter SX OS / Pro does not work? How to solve these problems to better use on Nintendo Switch.

Today, Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS are the best solutions for cracker Nintendo Switch. Until now, I believe there are several users have received his products and tried it on the console. If you’re lucky enough to run the free games perfectly by installing a CFW from SX OS on your console, that’s fine. But […]

Which flashcard can play Switch backups with Team xecuter’s flashcard SX Pro?

So far, Nintendo Switch has been completely cracked by Team Xecuter. With the advent of Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS, you can play free games on Nintendo Switch, any version of the firmware. Still, if you want to play a new game, we have to search for it and download it from the […]

Why Xecuter SX OS is the best solution for cracker Nintendo Switch currently?

Until now, Nintendo Switch is still the hottest product on the market. It has created a great commercial performance, it gives us great hopes for the future of new Nintendo consoles. With the launch of access of SX OS and Xecuter SX Pro by Team Xecuter, the Switch is finally cracked completely. Although it has […]

Xecuter SX OS V1.3 available and tutorial for you

The Xecuter team’s maj V1.3 SX OS is available for download at sx.xecuter.com. As a reminder bone Xecuter will allow you to use your Backups and homebrew on the MicroSD card of your Nintendo Switch. To update, simply replace the boot.dat file in the root of your microSD card, it’s really easy. Changelog of this […]