3ds 11.5 flashcart, which one supports 3DS/NDS/GBA/SNES/NES games on 11.5.0U/E/J/A?

Among flashcarts work on 3ds 11.5.0-38 firmware consoles, which one supports 3DS and NDS games, which one plays GBA/SNES games and which one read NES roms as well? Here you can find the suitable flash cart to buy for 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS XL, NEW 3DS and New2DS XL, Old 2DS handheld with V11.5.0-38U/E/J/A. […]

Are you wrong to choose Gateway 3ds for 3ds 11.5 and which is the right one to buy?

Don’t buy Gateway 3ds card if you already updated new 2ds/new 3ds xl to firmware v11.5.0-38. If you just placed the order, you should contact the site and tell them to cancel it. Why and which is the correct 3ds card to buy for playing 3ds game backups on every 3ds family handheld system, here […]

2DS XL/N3DS 11.5.0 hack guide with R4 card, 3DS CFW and Sky3ds+

It’s not a dream if you want to hack 3ds v11.5 on 2DS XL/3DS/NEW 3DS to play free games or do other things. But how to do that, where to hack 2ds xl/n3ds v11.5.0-38 with step by step guide? Don’t worry, you can get the tutorials here. We sky-3ds.com will teach you in this post […]

New 3DS/2DS XL 11.5 released, Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds or Gateway 3ds, which is working?

New 3ds or New 2ds xl v11.5 is coming, does the Sky3ds+/Sky3ds still work? What about the Gateway 3ds? And Is there any flashcarts being patched by it? Here to check. Sky3ds+ supports 3DS V11.5.0-38U/E/J? Yes, Sky3ds+ card is supporting the latest 3ds system version 11.5.0-38. Also, it works on new 3ds/3ds/2ds/new 2ds xl v11.5.0-38U/E/J. […]

Is there a new 2ds xl exploit to use for playing homebrews/3ds/nds games?

Will the New 2ds xl just like the New 3ds xl or 3ds xl to play free games via using homebrew exploits? If so, which are the exploits working on Nintendo new 2ds? If not, how we can crack the 2ds xl to play 3ds/nds/homebrew games without them? Here in this post, you can figure […]

What’s the Metroid Samus Returns Legacy Edition and is it better to buy than Sky3ds+?

Metroid: Samus Returns for 3DS will have 2 limited versions to be released worldwide, the Samus Returns Legacy Edition will be exclusively launched in Europe while the other special version is going to be available in the rest of the world. What are their differences and they plus the sky3ds+ flash card, which is the […]

Sky3ds+ dos and donts on Nintendo 3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS in 2017 and 2018

This is the latest do's and don'ts when using a Sky3DS+ on Nintendo 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS console in 2017 to 2018. To you who is going to buy a sky3ds plus flash card or just get this from online retailer, please read our post here to avoid any sky3ds+ card issue or a wrong purchase. We […]

7 must to buy Switch games and 3 3DS Games after Nintendo E3 in 2017

A list of Switch games and some surprised 3DS games are announced to the public from Nintendo in E3 2017. What are the ones we shouldn’t miss for our NIntendo Switch or 3DS gaming console? Here let me show you the 7 best upcoming Switch games and 3 must to buy 3DS Games after Nintendo […]

Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds or Gateway 3ds, which support Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon on N2DSXL/N3DS?

If you want to hack 3ds Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon for free play on the new 2ds xl or new 3ds xl machine, but do not know which 3ds flashcard to choose, sky3ds+, sky3ds or gateway 3ds? Here is your answer. What are Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon for 3DS? Among the Pokémon announcements […]

Where to download Sky3ds+ V140 firmware and its user guide with Skydock?

Sky3ds+ firmware has been updated to V140. But the sky3ds.com is closed already, where we can download the official firmware for updating sky3ds+ card? And there is a new item called Skydock is launched for sky3ds+ card too, what is it? how to use it with Sky3ds+ V140 firmware? Here you can get answers. Where […]