2 ways-How to play free Mario Tennis Aces on Nintendo Switch?

Mario Tennis Aces can be downloaded and played for free with my 2 methods introdcued here. Demo version of Mario Tennis Aces is already available to get from Switch eShop and the upcoming Xecuter SX Pro with OS CFW will support your Nintendo Switch console play this game for free.

OS CFW supports mario tennis aces on Switch

Nintendo Switch: Mario Tennis Aces

It is the next big first-party Switch game from Nintendo and will be the first Mario Tennis game with a story mode that brings players an original adventure filled with challenges and mystery.  The game will be formally released on June 22, 2018. It is the eighth installment in the series, currently game demo is downloadable from American Nintendo Eshop.

Game Features we already know

  • It supports online multiplayer mode, where tournaments can be set up, as well as singular matches. Once you connect online, you can play a match with your friends or other players. This mode is also able to unlock additional outfits and characters.
  • It allows up to four players to step onto the court together – anytime, anywhere!  
  • It supports  “swing mode”, where players are able to swing the Joy-Con controllers to simulate hitting the ball with a tennis racket, similar in fashion to Wii Sports. This mode is perfect when you want to play the game casually with your friends and family, or just to get your body moving.
  • It adds the first story mode since the Mario Tennis: Power Tour game on Game Boy Advance, offering a new flavour of tennis gameplay, with a variety of missions, boss battles and more.
  • It offers a refined approach to tennis gameplay, focusing on deep strategic payoffs, and non-stop, split-second strategies.

Game Secrects from the Demo Mario Tennie Aces

  1. 26 playable characters are in the game, they are Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, DK, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Dry Bowser, Boo, Rosalina, Toadette, Toad, Diddy, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, Shy Guy, Kamek, Birdo, Spike, Dry Bones, Boom Boom, Chain Chomp, and Blooper, each with their own distinct characteristics
  2. You’ll encounter a list of bosses in Story Mode, including Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper, Ice Golem, Ester Koopa, Mirage, Statue Koopa, and something or somebody going by “Inishienoudedameshi.”
  3. The game’s court themes, including stadium, haunted, battleship, Bowser’s Castle, snow, sand, and forest. Specific names for the courts have not been revealed yet.

How to play free Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch?

Method A: Download Mario Tennis Aces Demo

The Mario Tennis Aces Pre-Launch Online Tournament, of course a demo or beta version, will kick off on June 1 at 7am PT and wraps up on June 3 at 4pm PT. To join the online tournament, you only need to download the game demo software from Switch eShop. And in fact, like I said above, you already can download it via the American Switch eShop. However, the tournament isn’t actually playable.

How to download free Mario Tennis Aces?

To download the Mario Tennis Aces demo, simply go to the Nintendo eShop and search “Mario Tennis.”It should also be on the front page of the “Recent Releases” list. The pre-release online tournament should appear and you can just download the software.

Method B: Buy a SX Pro or a SX OS to hack Nintendo Switch to play Mario Tennis Aces

SX Pro and SX OS from Team Xecuter will be useful after the game released officially. Then you can find the game backup from the Internet, download it to your Nintendo Switch sd card, lastly install OS CFW to your Switch, so you can play free Mario Tennis Aces game.

Xecuter SX OS is one Switch CFW software license, which is called OS, made by the Team Xecuter for hacking the Nintendo Switch to run homebrews and play free physical Switch games. It supports working on all Nintendo Switch firmware and models, currently in pre-order status, and enables users to play free Switch games without complex setup or operation. More importantly, it is only costing you around 20 dollars, while buying any hot Switch game, you have to spend more than $49.

The Xecuter SX Pro is a different thing, it includes the SX OS, but it also has 2 other tools, one is a jig for modding Switch to RCM mode, the other is an USB Dongle for loading the CFW to your console, that’s means, if you want to install the SX OS to a Nintendo Switch machine, you should buy the whole set like the SX Pro., otherwise, you have to find another way to mod your Switch.

How to use SX OS or SX Pro to play free Mario Tennis Aces?

  1. Download OS CFW to your Switch sd card.
  2. Download Mario Tennis Aces rom to your Switch sd card.
  3. Stay your switch console power off. Connect the USB dongle to the Switch’s USB type-C port and attach the jig to the Switch’s right-hand side Joycon rail.
  4. Start the RCM mode by simultaneously pressing the power button + volume button
  5. SX logo is displayed, then SX menu is displayed
  6. Remove USB dongle and jig. Insert right Joycon to console
  7. Tap the option “boot custom fw” (unknown because it is not in focus) on the menu
  8. The switch is booted into CFW 
  9. Switch games in real-time
  10. Activate games