3 Tips for playing Super Mario Odyssey FREE

You certainly know the game Super Mario Odyssey if you are fans of Nintendo. It’s a very interesting and popular adventure game in the world. But the price of an original cartridge is expensive, 48,90 $ on Amazon, is there a free solution to play Super Mario Odyssey? If so, how to do it? The answer of the site Sky-3ds.com is yes thankfully and you can find our three tips and the link of the game download in this blog here!

Tips: Play Super Mario Odyssey on PC and Nintendo Switch for free

1) Nintendo Switch Hardmod

The first solution is actually a microphone deaf on the motherboard of the console Switch, it is a method to use a DevBoard usable on Nintendo Switch to load a payload of your choice and then launch the backups of games on the Switch, including of course Super Mario Odyssey.

The method named Trinket M0 / SwitchME has the following advantages:

  • No need for Dongle and JIG to start on a payload.
  • No need for JIG to enter RCM mode.
  • No need to activate the function “autoRCM” to pass you from a finished JIG the consoles that load more !!!
  • Start on your payloads by simply pressing VOL + / Power without any other access!
  • DUAL BOOT function OFW system / Payload in 30s.
  • Take advantage of all the existing Open Source Payloads to date.
  • Update the Payload from your microSD card or USB bootload.
  • Usable in Dock TV mode.

You can use all current payloads, such as:

  • REiNX
  • Hekate
  • Atmosphere

But Trinket M0 or SwitchME also has its weak point, it requires soldering on the PCB, and here it is a dangerous job, you can not do it alone if you are not professional. In short, you still have to pay to solder the external chip! To better understand what to do, look at these two images:

Motherboard of the original Switch VS. the one modified to right

In addition, the Trinket M0 / SwitchME method does not support models with a serial number from “XAJ70043xxx” and “XAJ40053xxx”

2). PC emulator

this is a free walkthrough, just download the Yuzu emulator and then you can play Switch games on PC. However, not all games in the Switch work with the PC emulator.

Recently the Yuzu team has announced its perfect (almost) support for the popular game Super Mario Odyssey, and we can now play on PC from A to Z. However, that does not mean that you will not encounter any bugs, slowdowns, graphic displays, disturbing artifacts or slowdowns, but it’s still a good choice to try Nintendo’s gorgeous game!

As a reminder, Yuzu is an emulator developed by some members who are at the origin of Citra, a well-known emulator of the Nintendo 3DS. And to install the Yuzu emulator and start the free game, just download the software here and then follow the official tutorial to get started.

To summarize, the advantage and the disadvantage of the emulator are also obvious and we would rather wait for the development of the scene on PC, and it promises!

3) Nintendo Switch Softmod

We talked about the hardmod on the Switch, so we will not miss its softmod. In fact, it is him that I recommend you to crack the Nintendo Switch to enjoy better free games. The softmod of the console is a bidoullage or a modification on the OFW of the Switch, in short, one installs a custom firmware to replace the original one.

For now, you have 3 CFW to choose from:

whose atmosphere is the first CFW announced for Nintendo Switch but developed the most slowly, while the SX OS is the last CFW and the best too, but it pays!

To inject the payloads and install the various CFWs, you will need a jig and a USB dongle. You can buy directly the Xecuter SX Pro, coming from the same group of the CFW SX OS, or a third party dongle like R4s dongle, AceNS Switch to inject the payload and then install the CFW.


this is the end, we will make a comparison between these three methods, in a table:

Hardmod Softmod Yuzu emulator
A price or free? 60$ on a specialized site SX OS $29.5 at Sky-3ds.com, the other 2 are free! Free
Compatibility for Nintendo Switch? Limited serial number Limited serial number Functional on PC
Super Mario Odyssey played well? Yes, and more more games Yes, and more more games Not bad
Secure or ban? Canceled warranty for Nintendo Switch Risky ban for any CFW Nothing

To be able to free to Super Mario Odyssey, you have different ways but finally, the Softmod of the Switch is the best choice. Why ? It spends less balls and takes less risk and as a result you will gain more joy in free Switch games.

But wait, do you have a nice and free tip for Super Mario Odyssey and other games like Mario Party, Zelda Breath of Wild or the upcoming Super Smash Bro game. ultimate? Yes of course ! The Yuzu emulator, we put it aside first because it is for now only to start, play and finish the game Super Mario Odyssey.

You still have to choose the Softmod or CFW of the Switch, I advise to install the CFW ReiNX, and you find a paper clip to replace the JIG RCM to switch the console to RCM mode then download the software ReiNX tool of the official group to inject the payload fits from your Android smartphone, and that’s it completely free!