3DS CFW VS 3DS Homebrew VS SKY3DS+, which supports 3ds games in 2018?

Nowadays, we welcome  new revolutions of 3DS games. But as a game player, do you have the hard time to have a clear mind of 3DS CFW, 3DS Homebrew and SKY3DS+? Do you know which one can support 3DS games? Here we will introduce the detail information to you.

What’s 3DS CFW?

 CFW means Custom firmware, it is an unofficial new or modified version of firmware,which was created by third parties on devices such as video game consoles and various embed device types. This firmware can provide new features or to unlock hidden functionality. It is often referring to an altered version of the original system software which insides a video game console like Nintendo 3DS.So in the video game console community,we called it 3DS CFW on a 3DS.

3DS Custom Firmware,  means a customization of the stock 3ds’s firmware. These firmwares can’t be installed directly onto the 3ds, and need loaders to modify the firmware in memory because the bootloader will check. It is actually ‘hacking’ a 3DS by modifing the firmware data, accessing and copying the NAND and messing up. Although it is usually due to user’s own fault (installation is usually safe). This can help you to install homebrew (or game dumpsunrestricted piracy) directly on your home menu.The current most widely used CFW is Luma3DS.

What’s 3DS Homebrews?

As for 3DS Homebrews, what is the difference from 3DS CFW? First, it is also an unofficial software.But it is made by amateur developers for the 3DS closed systems.3DS Homebrew can help you to use various exploits to allow your device to run custom software, this can include games, emulators, and various tools. If you want to get homebrew running on your console, you need to place the Homebrew Launcher.It has many different entrypoints, or methods of launching.You can install the boot9strap or other  entrypoints.But pay attention that the 3ds secondary homebrew launcher can be installed only on the basis of  the 3ds primary homebrew launcher.


SKY3DS PLUS is a second generation product of SKY3DS,it is more powerful and more flexible than the first generation product. Of all the 3D enabled flashcards,  the Sky3DS+ is by far the best choice for it’s ease of use and simply setup/installation.It has no firmware and game limits. At the same time,3ds game AP check issue is solved, add homebrews and firmware supporting. Now, it supports the newest version of V11.6.0-39 and can play all 3DS games.


  • Plays 3DS backup games
  • Include all the features of sky3ds
  • Plug&Play,easy to use,no more console setup
  • Game update directly by eshop patch download
  • System firmware update free, no console bricked worry
  • Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons
  • Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews
  • AP checks solved. Firmware updatable

Advantages compared with Sky3ds:

  1. A pair of Forwards/Backwards buttons, allowing you to switch games in both directions.
  2. Owning more optimized firmware, allows users to find the games they are looking for much faster than previously.
  3. The inclusion of a Micro USB connector on the side of the unit, allows the flashcart to work as a portable SD card reader.
  4. The Sky3DS+ no longer requires the use of DiskWriter.


Comprision 3DS games Usage and Installation Function        
3DS CFW support playing 3DS games and E-shop games Hard to use, need to install and other homebrews to play 1.Safe online, no private header dealing crap.2.Games & emulators in your home menu.3.Need to transfer 3ds to cia to support 3D roms. 
Homebrew do not support 3DS games Hard to use, need to download home launcher and 3ds files and other apps, need to notice the version. 1.Play out-of-region games you own.2.Make your own themes to use in home menu.3.Play old SNES games with blargSNES.
SKY3DS+ Support future and old 3DS Game whatever with or without AP checks Easy to use,Plug & Play, easy to use, no more console setup

1.copy and play,no diskWriter required,2.Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;3.Safe online with using skydock to get private game header.4.Work with homebrew exploit or cfw to support various functions like emulation, playing region free games and so on.

Which supports 3ds games in 2018?

All in all,3DS CFW and SKY3DS+ can support 3ds games. If you want to do more things on 3DS/N3DS/2DS and with lower firmware versions, you can try the 3DS CFW.But if you are lazy 3ds gamer, Sky3ds+ is perfect for you because of its easy usage. You can buy it from SKY-3DS.COM which has sales promotion now. The product will be shipped from American to your address and paid by PayPal is supported.If you are interested, write email admin@sky-3ds.com to contact us and you will have the discount of 5 to 6 dolloars!