3DS CFW VS Flashcard, which is better to choose for NEW2DS V11.6?

As we know, a 3DS flashcard can crack the 3DS and New 2DS XL V11.6.0-39, as well as other models of the Nintendo 3DS family, players can use a 3ds flashcart to play free downloaded 3DS games . And there are also homebrews and CFWs which can work on 3DS/2DS XL 11.6 as well. So buy a 3ds hacking card or install a 3ds cfw, which is better to choose for playing free 3DS games in 2018? Here you wil know the answer.

3DS Flashcard and 2DS XL V11.6

3ds flashcard 2018

A 3DS flashcart with the same size as the original 3DS game cartridge but it’s released by the third-party company not from Nintendo. It allows you to play 3DS games on various 3ds models which all use the 3ds firmware as the OS. The 2018 working and hot 3ds flash cards are Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds. Between them, Stargate 3ds can play both ds and 3ds games, so more expensive to buy. But in fact, until to 2018, the Sky3ds plus is the Best 3ds flash cart in the whole hacking market, why?

  • It supports more 3ds games than Stargate 3ds.
  • It has been tested for years for playing 3ds games and very simple to use, download, plug and play.
  • It is supporting safe online games with the special tool-skydock.

Also, why to choose the 3ds flashcard to play 3ds games on new 2ds xl or 3ds v11.6 console, you can see the reasons here too.

Sky3ds+ is very simple to use.

They have the same size with the NDS / 3DS game card, and after inserting it into the 3DS console port, it will work directly on the Nintendo 3DS / New3DS / 2DS. There are R4 3DS cards for playing free DS games on DS 1.4.5 and 3DS 11.6.0-39. And there are also Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3DS cards to play unlimited 3DS games on New3DS / 2DS XL up to

Sky3ds plus has a lot of functions.

Sky3ds+ is hacking every retail 3ds card game to be played for free on 3ds, it is also supporting multi-rom with a microsd card, it can work with NiNJHAX 2.9 or Freakyhax to install homebrews, it even play 3ds games online safely with a skydock.

Sky3ds+ supports nearly all 3DS games and 3ds firmwares.

Compatibility is the core of a flashcard, sky3ds+ does prefectly in both firmware and game compatibility. It is playing old, new and 3ds games with Anti piracy check, let you download and enjoy all 3ds card roms on your console. It is working on all 3ds system versions, including the future 3ds v11.7 and the lowest 3ds v1.0.

3DS CFW and NEW 2DS V11.6

3ds cfw 2018

3DS Custom Firmware, which means a customization of the 3DS firmware. Because of the bootloader checks, these private firmware can not be installed directly on the 3DS firmware, and it is necessary to change the firmware in memory. This is what is “cracking” a 3DS. It changes the firmware data, accesses and copies the NAND and can mess up, although usually because of its own fault (the installation is usually a little dangerous if you do not do it properly).

You need a CFW 3DS to install homebrew (or unlimited piracy of game ROMs) directly on your home menu. Currently, a CFW 3DS can be easily configured on any console with NTRboothax exploit and has multiple functions. That’s why the CFW 3DS is popular.

That’s what you can do on a NEW2DS with a CFW:

  • Play all games with cartridges and eshop
  • Customize your HOME menu with user-created themes, badges and splash screens.
  • Use “Hacked Rom” for the games you own.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Save, edit, and restore backups for many games.
  • Play retro games with different emulators, using RetroArch or other standalone emulators.
  • Install the homebrews on your console and make them appear on the HOME menu.

3DS Card VS 3DS CFW in 2018

Between 3ds cards and 3ds cfws, I actually recommend sky3ds+ 3ds card, it is simple and more reliable. And it’s 100% safe to use on any 3ds gaming device. There are also some reasons to follow:

First, the R4 and Sky3ds+ cards will not be patched by Nintendo for a long term. While for a 3ds cfw, it is not reliable, it maybe blocked simply by a new update of the 3DS at any time.
In addition, the sky3ds+ is much easier to handle, but the 3ds
cfw is too complicated if you are new to it.
Finally, a CFW 3DS does not directly support ds or 3ds games, you have to run
a emulator or use a CIA format to play them. And it’s not easy at all.

So, in my opinion, we advise you to take a purchase of the 3ds flashcard sky3ds+ for jailbreaking 3DS or New 2DS XL 11.6.0-39, it is a more convenient, easy and secure 3ds hacking method.