Buy a flashcard in 2016|choose Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds or R4 3ds for 3ds 10.5 and 10.6?

In 2016, for playing 3ds, ds or other free games on 3ds 10.5 and 10.6 firmware, which flashcard should we buy? Let’s have a look at the most popular 3 flashcards in the market and try to find out the best one to get. They are Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds and R4 3DS cards.

Sky3ds+ and 3ds 10.5/10.6 firmware?

It is a new card in 2016, released by Sky3ds card company, the site launches 3 flashcards in total. The red button Sky3ds which is already out of production, the blue button Sky3ds which is released for more than one year and the latest Sky3ds+(plus) card which with 2 orange buttons. The last one is their best product, said by the team. Sky3ds+ is supporting 3ds games on 3ds 10.5.0U/E/J and will work on 3ds 10.6 when the Nintendo update again! The card info you want to know is all listed here.

  • Sky3ds+ hacking tech: Instead of relying on exploits like the most 3ds flashcards does, Sky3ds+ is more closely emulating an original Nintendo N3DS/3DS cartridge. It is using cartridge emulation rather than software exploits. The Sky3DS flashcard company is the First and the Only one has the technology.
  • Sky3ds+ compatibility: Just like the retail Nintendo N3DS/3DS cartridge, Sky3ds+ card is fully compatible with 3ds, 3ds xl, 2ds, new 3ds and new 3ds consoles and work on all firmware versions at the same time. No compatibility problem. How about the 3ds games? Sky3ds+ card is set to support any new and old 3ds games in the market, it solves AP Check issue in 3ds games and supports upcoming 3ds games without the gamelist file. So you shouldn’t worry about the game compatibility too!
  • Sky3ds+ Use: Vey easy, download 3ds roms and a micro sd card, insert the micro sd/sdhc to Sky3ds+, then put the flashcard into 3DS/N3DS/2DS console slot. That’s all!
  • Sky3ds+ functions: 1. Support 3ds games on all 3ds consoles and firmwares. 2. Support you play many 3ds games withith one card. 3. Let you play nearly all 3ds games with the good 3ds game compatibility. 4. You can access eshop, play online, save, load 3ds games freely with Sky3ds+ too. 5. Sky3ds+ card saves you a lot of money and time! You pay for only one card and you only use one card!
  • Sky3ds+ price: Around 90 dollars for playing Hundreds of 3DS GAMES!
  • Sky3ds+ tools3DS ROM Tool – This PC utility will allow you to Trim your .3ds files, allowing you to squeeze more games onto your SD cards as well as play games which surpass the 4GB filesize limit of the FAT32 system. It’s a command line tool, so if you’re more of a GUI person, check out the link below instead. NINJHAX 2.5 - This 3DS utility by @smealum is your gateway to the wonderful world of 3DS homebrew, Region-Free gaming, performance modifications and more! This Beta build is compatible with the latest (10.3.0-X) firmware, too! SD Formatter 4.0 – This PC utility is the ultimate SD cleaner. For best possible performance, stick your SD cart into your reader and give this bad boy a spin – you won’t regret it!

Gateway 3ds and 3ds 10.5/10.6 firmware?

gateway 3ds

Gateway 3ds is the first and the most powerful 3ds game hackiing card in the world. So many of you know the card. But there is a problem, in 2016, Gateway 3ds still only supports up to 3ds 9.2.0 firmware, you can’t use it on 3ds 10.5 or 10.6. Though the flashcard can support many amazing functions, such as Emunand, Region Free, Homebrews, .CIA games, Downgrade 3ds firmware, 3DS cheats code and so on, only if you have 3ds lower firmware which the card fits for, Gateway 3ds is the right choice. Otherwise never buy the card urgently, nobody knows when will the card support 9.3 to 10.6 3ds/n3ds/2ds console.

R4 3DS and 3ds 10.5/10.6 firmware?

R4 3ds flashcard has a longer history even than Gateway 3ds, it supports DS Games on both 3DS Firmware and DSI Firmware. Soon after the first 3DS console is released, R4 3DS card was released by many R4 card companies. The hottest one in 2016 is R4I 3DS RTS. What does this card do on 3DS/N3DS/2DS 10.5 or 10.6 firmware console, you can see a chart here.

Summary, which card to buy in 2016, Sky3ds+ or R4I 3DS RTS?

Sky3ds+ is the one that supports 3DS games while R4i 3ds rts is the card have ds/gba/snes game compatibility. So you should choose according to your own need. For playing 3ds games, buy Sky3ds+ card in 2016. For playing ds and other old classic games, R4i 3ds rts is the one you need!