Can Freeshop still work on Nintendo 3DS V11.8?

As you know, since Nintendo released the latest version of the console owned the 3DS cliff a long time ago. Until now, I think more and more users who have already updated their 3DS to the latest version 11.8.0-41. It is confirmed that a CFW of Lumas 3DS and all 3DS flashcard are all compatible with the latest firmware, but for the homebrew, we find that there are some problems recently. Especially for Freeshop, is it still possible to run on a 3DS V11.8? Are there any risks?

The update of Nintendo 3DS V11.8

In appearance, it is an update of the routine, but indeed, it is not easy. As usual, this update is designed for the Nintendo 3DS family of consoles, which includes the New Nintendo 3DS, the New Nintendo 3DS XL, the New Nintendo 2DS XL, the Nintendo 3DS, the Nintendo 3DS XL and the Nintendo 2DS, all consoles have been updated to 11.8.0-41. For the update this time, we know for the moment that this update improves the stability of the console and the experience of the user. As usual, it’s just an improvement in console performance and other tweaks to optimize the user experience. As a result, only information can be seen on Nintendo’s official website.

The overall performance and security of the console have been improved and various minor adjustments have been made to maximize user comfort.

Freeshop, what is it and what is it for?

As for Freeshop, it’s a free version of the eshop that allows you to download DLC and free games. Or we can say that the freeshop is a clone of the eshop that allows to install the games in .cia directly, so you must have a CFW console to install it. It is an application or one of the homebrews not distributed by Nintendo, so you can use it on a console already cracked by installing a CFW.

What is it used for ?

FreeShop is the app everyone would like to have. And yes this application allows you to install all the games of Nintendo eShop BUT FOR FREE !!!!

FreeShop gives you access to all the dematerialized content of the Nintendo eShop, be it the EU / US / JP games but also their DLC by passing for the Movies etc …

Once installed and launched it will propose you the whole list of the Nintendo eShop and a simple click will allow you to install all that you want.


  • Have a 3DS / 2DS or New3DS / New2DS in CFW
  • Have room on your memory card, to store everything!
  • Wait for the games to set up and it takes time sometimes.

Can Freeshop still work on a 3DS v11.8?

It seems that the update of 3DS v11.8 is a warning for users of the hack, at the beginning of the release of version 11.8, we can not use the CFW Luma 3DS, fortunately the developer of Luma corrected the exploit and also publishes an update of this CFW. But recently, Nintendo starts to fight against hacking by the function of a homebrew. For example, there is still a risk to software such as FreeShop, FunKeyCIA, TikDevil or Villain3DS.

These applications that allow you to simulate a Shop and download unlicensed software, games, demos and utilities freely on the 3DS console and its derivatives, are perhaps going to be opposed by Nintendo, especially for the Freeshop, It is still a very popular application on the market. However, Nintendo has indeed made a change on the CDN network introducing additional security on the management of downloads via the eShop, this additional security is achieved by an encrypted copy of the ticket, if the latter is not present or invalid, the download will not start.

In short, usually when downloading the CDN, Nintendo receives a copy of the ticket you used. This does not affect already installed games or CIAs installed with the FBI, which means that playing games already installed and installing games with the FBI is a good thing. Do yourself a favor and do not use freeShop if you have already upgraded to 11.8.0-41.

In addition to Freeshop, how to play free games on a 3DS v11.8?

If you only want to play free games on your 3DS console, it’s easier. A flashcard can make your dream come true. As you know, a R4 3DS card has a long history in the video game market. You can easily use it to play DS games, SNES, GBA etc on your 3DS v11.8 console. Of course, it supports both a hombrew and a CFW, you can also crack your console by this flashcard.
On the other hand, if you prefer the 3DS games, I propose the other 3DS card: Stargate 3DS and Sky3ds+, both flashcards can directly read the games in 3DS format, so it’s easier to use. use. Only after putting both the denier kernel and the Roma game files at the root of the SD card, you can enjoy free games later. But please note that Sky3ds + can only support 3ds games, but Stargate 3DS also lets you play DS and 3DS games, real-time game changes are well supported here.

In a nutshell, this little change from a Nintendo update can not have a big influence for the situation right now. Even if we no longer use the Freeshop, it is absolutely possible to play free games and crack our console. On the other hand, it’s also important to choose a reliable site to make a purchase of the flashcards that are compatible with our console. And we, sky-3ds is still the best choice in USA. So no import, no waiting, no worries!