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Retrogaming | How to play GBA, SNES and N64 games on Nintendo Switch 6.0?

The Nintendo Switch console has already cracked to play free Switch games through SX Pro, and now the Switch hack is still coming forward, we finally get to put retro games on the Switch! In this blog, we talk about playing GBA, SNES, and N64 on Nintendo Switch 6.0 and how to do it. Namely, […]

Classic 2 Magic|Play SNES carts and roms on any SNES mini

SNES Mini is a fantastic console but has one big flaw which frustrates all of its owners and the games collection is closed and limited unless you hack it. SNES Classic Edition is limited to play only 20 SENS games, Don’t worry, this new third-party Magic accessory is here for you: The Classic 2 Magic, […]