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Sky3ds+ dos and donts on Nintendo 3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS in 2017 and 2018

This is the latest do's and don'ts when using a Sky3DS+ on Nintendo 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS console in 2017 to 2018. To you who is going to buy a sky3ds plus flash card or just get this from online retailer, please read our post here to avoid any sky3ds+ card issue or a wrong purchase. We […]

7 must to buy Switch games and 3 3DS Games after Nintendo E3 in 2017

A list of Switch games and some surprised 3DS games are announced to the public from Nintendo in E3 2017. What are the ones we shouldn’t miss for our NIntendo Switch or 3DS gaming console? Here let me show you the 7 best upcoming Switch games and 3 must to buy 3DS Games after Nintendo […]

Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds or Gateway 3ds, which support Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon on N2DSXL/N3DS?

If you want to hack 3ds Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon for free play on the new 2ds xl or new 3ds xl machine, but do not know which 3ds flashcard to choose, sky3ds+, sky3ds or gateway 3ds? Here is your answer. What are Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon for 3DS? Among the Pokémon announcements […]

Sky3ds+ and 11.4 firmware, is the card working on 2DS/3DS/NEW 3DS 11.4.0-37?

On the latest 2ds/3ds/new 3ds console with firmware v11.4, is the sky3ds+ card still working, how about the old blue button sky3ds and is there any other cheaper 3ds flashcard to buy for 11.4.0-37 system, here we can give you the full reply. Sky3ds+ and Sky3ds, are they playing 3ds games on new FW […]

3DS Card 2017 update: Which flashcards you can consider to buy and which can’t?

Do you know which 3ds cards you can't buy in 2017, which ones are still worthy to get in this year and do they have any new 2017 update? For letting you know the answers, we write this post. Which 3ds cards you can not buy in 2017? The not working ones 3DSLink and […]

2016 3DS Games Summary, what are the top 3 and how to play them with one flashcard?

In the whole year of 2016, Nintendo releases a lot of 3ds games, but what are the best 3 we must have and can we play them with one flash cartridge Sky3ds+? Here is the answer. The Best 3 Nintendo 3DS games in 2016 Rank 1-Pokemon Moon&Sun Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon Is The Game To […]

GW ultra public 3.7 firmware or private v4.2 supports Emuand 11.1.0 on 3DS/N3DS?

Yes, Gateway 3ds card users, you can update to Emunand V11.1 on both old 3ds and new 3ds consoles. The flash card team just released a new launcher.dat for GW ultra public 3.7 firmware and private 4.2 firmware, for now GW emunand 11.1.0 is bringing back by the update. You can download and follow this […]

Sky3ds+ and 3DS 11.1, will these 3ds games supported by Sky3ds plus?

Sky3ds+ is working directly on 3DS 11.1.0-34U/E/J.All 3DS game cart roms can be played by Sky3ds plus, but there are still some 3ds games Sky3ds+ can't support. What are them and How to ahck them for free play on 3DS/NEW 3DS cosoles, let me tell you here. Games Sky3ds+ can't support Yes, these eshop 3ds […]

Gateway 3DS GW 4.0b released, how to use it to downgrade 3ds and install A9lh on 3DS/N3DS?

Gateway 3ds 4.0 beta firmware is released privately. The promised GW Time machine app allow us to downgarde old 3ds/3ds xl firmware to 2.x and GW A9lh installer also can be found in GW Mode Menu. Then, I will show you the content of Gateway Private 4.0 Beta and the tutorial of GW V4.0b on […]

Sky3ds+ and Gateway Time Machine app & A9LH Installer, both can be used on 11.0.0-33?

Gateway 3ds site releases the news on future Gateway firmware, which is planned to out on May 22th, will support GW Time Machine app & A9LH Installer. Will this new firmware make Gateway work on 3ds 11.0.0-33, much better 3ds card than Sky3ds+ plus, or more worth to buy in 2016, let us discuss here. […]