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How to mod your 3DS on any firmware in 2018, the easy way

In 2018, can we mod 3DS with any firmware version to play free games? Should we choose hardmod or softmod on the current 3DS V11.6? And if without modding a 3DS, is there a possibility that we can hack 3ds games to play or install homebrews? Here, in this post, let me show you the […]

Can 3DS Emulator and Switch emulator play free games in 2018?

What are the latest news for 3DS Emulator and Nintendo Switch emulator? Can they already play games in 2018? If you are the ones looking for information on either Nintendo 3DS emulator or Switch emulator, just read our article here. 2018 3DS Emulator Citra 3DS, the first and the unique 3ds game emulator for PC […]

6 coolest things to do on 3DS besides playing games

Nintendo 3DS is only a video game handheld for you, besides for playing games, you also can do a list of cool things on 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS consoles. Here are the 6 coolest things you can do on 3DS even in 2018. By the way, as for playing games, you may not know […]

Download Nintendo Switch games|Use Team-Xecuter chip or N2elite?

Do you want to download free games to Nintendo Switch or just simply download Nintendo Switch roms? Whatever, we may soon get the solution in the upcoming month. The fastest-selling home video game system in USA will be finally hacked to install CFW, Homebrews and already be cracked to backup Amiibos via N2 Elite. How […]

New 2ds/3DS xl 2018 hacking guide with SD card or Flashcard

In 2018, if you are a New 2ds xl or 3ds xl noob but want to hack or crack it to play free games or homebrews, here is the easy hacking guide. After reading this article, you will know how to hack the Nintendo new 2ds xl or old 3ds (xl) console with a sd […]

How and where to collect over 100 free games for any 3DS?

No need to buy any game card, you can collect and play over 100 free games on your all 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/2DS XL consoles. How it can be true and where to get those 100+ free games for Nintendo 3ds? Here you can get the answers. How to collect over 100 games on any 3DS? Are […]

How to play NDS games on 3DS using homebrew or cfw from sd card?

This post is aming to tell you without using a flashcard, how you can play NDS games on your 3DS from sd card using homebrew or cfw. To this year 2017, we already be able to play ds roms on Nintendo 3DS/2DS consoles in free ways, but neither of them are better methods than an […]

R4i gold 3ds+ or Ace3ds X or Sky3ds+, which supports 3ds roms on 3DS V11.6/11.7?

Nowadays, many R4 cards have been updated to a new version, like the R4i gold 3ds plus and Ace3ds X. What are their new functions? Can they support 3ds games as the Sky3ds+ card? And will they work both on 3DS V11.6 and V11.7 firmwares? This article is to give you answers. New version of […]

Rank Super Mario games|What’s the best and how to play freely with Sky3ds+/R4 card?

Super Mario can be played on different platforms and has many main series&spins-off, plus this year’s masterpiece┬áSuper Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, which is the best Super Mario game in your heart? Here, let me show you a ranking list of super mario games from worst to the best, and recommend you the best super […]

How to hack N2DSXL/3DS without modifying to play free roms?

This is a Noob-friendly hacking guide for both New 2DS XL and 3DS console users. By following our simple and latest instruction here, all of you can hack Nintendo 3ds firmware handheld with a few safe steps to play either free ds roms or 3ds roms. In 2017, there are many ways to choose for […]