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How to get free Minecraft new 3ds and Metroid 3ds games on 11.6.0-39?

It’s possible if you want to get free Minecraft new 3ds edition and Metroid: Samus Returns 3ds game on the 11.6.0-39 firmware 3DS consoles. Why? Because a 3ds game flashcard called Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus can support all 3DS Retail cart rom to run on your every 3ds system version device. Having a single Sky3ds+, […]

Which card(R4 3DS or Sky3ds+)supports free games on Iphone 8 or Iphone X?

Can we use any flashcard to play free ds or 3ds games on the upcoming Iphone X or Iphone 8/8 Plus? If yes, how to setup this Nintendo flashcard on the new Apple Phones? If no, is there any way we can play Nintendo ds or 3ds games on the 2 devices? Here, you can […]

Is there a legit site to buy Sky3ds+ in Germany, Czech Republic and France?

It is the 3rd year that Sky3ds+ be released out to play Free Nintendo 3ds games on any 3ds model and firmware version. However, there are still a number of people in some countries can’t find a legit and reliable site to buy sky3ds plus. Here for you who are living in Germany, Czech Republic […]

Which are the homebrew exploits(RPwnG,Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakyhax) support O3DS/2DS V11.5?

The good news is that we can finally get homebrews with free exploits on the old 3DS and 2DS console with V11.5.0-38. So which are the 3ds homebrew exploits supports 3DS V11.5? How to install them safely on our original Nintendo 3ds and 2ds v11.5 handhelds? Are them working with Sky3ds+ card to play cross-region […]

Which R4 3ds card supports running CFW on New 2ds/New 3ds/3ds xl v11.5?

From this month, we finally get a method to use flashcard to install 3DS CFW on any 3ds console, even including the 3ds v11.5.0-38. So which are the flash cards supporting running CFW on New 2ds, New 3ds, New 3ds xl, 3ds xl, 2ds and 3ds devices? And how to use them to setup Luma […]

Is R4i 3ds/Sky3ds+ having a timebomb and which site isn’t selling R4 timebomb cards?

In this post, we are answering you these 2 questions, is R4i 3ds rts and Sky3ds+ having a timebomp and which site is not selling R4 cards with timebomb problem? After read it, you will have less worry on buying flash card to play free games on your 3DS(XL), NEW 3DS XL(LL) and New 2DS […]

Which flashcard to choose for Nintendo Switch 3.0.1 and 2DS XL 11.5.0?

Nintendo Switch has been udpated to 3.0.1 system and the New 2DS XL is also out in this month with firmware version v11.5 or 11.4. So which flashcard we should choose for the 2 game handhelds to play free games? And where to buy Nintendo Switch/2DS XL flash card with good price and fast shipping […]

3ds 11.5 flashcart, which one supports 3DS/NDS/GBA/SNES/NES games on 11.5.0U/E/J/A?

Among flashcarts work on 3ds 11.5.0-38 firmware consoles, which one supports 3DS and NDS games, which one plays GBA/SNES games and which one read NES roms as well? Here you can find the suitable flash cart to buy for 3DS, 3DS XL, NEW 3DS XL, NEW 3DS and New2DS XL, Old 2DS handheld with V11.5.0-38U/E/J/A. […]

Are you wrong to choose Gateway 3ds for 3ds 11.5 and which is the right one to buy?

Don’t buy Gateway 3ds card if you already updated new 2ds/new 3ds xl to firmware v11.5.0-38. If you just placed the order, you should contact the site and tell them to cancel it. Why and which is the correct 3ds card to buy for playing 3ds game backups on every 3ds family handheld system, here […]

2DS XL/N3DS 11.5.0 hack guide with R4 card, 3DS CFW and Sky3ds+

It’s not a dream if you want to hack 3ds v11.5 on 2DS XL/3DS/NEW 3DS to play free games or do other things. But how to do that, where to hack 2ds xl/n3ds v11.5.0-38 with step by step guide? Don’t worry, you can get the tutorials here. We will teach you in this post […]