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Which is the safe, fast and trusted site to buy for sale N2 Elite and Sky3ds+?

If you are looking for the for sale N2 Elite or Sky3ds+ but can’t find a safe, fast and trusted site to make the purchase, this post is specifically written for you. I will show you 2 sites which you can get for sale Sky3ds+ and N2 Elite(Amiibo emulator) with safe payment, fast shipping and […]

2 Important Sky3ds+ update|Compatible with 3ds v11.4 and new way for playing online

Recently, there are 2 important udpates for sky3ds+ flash card. One is the compatibility for 3ds firmware version 11.4.0-37 and the other is their upcoming new way for online game play. If the sky3ds+ can simplify the steps for playing online or do not need the private game header, this 3ds game flashcard can be […]

Sky3ds+ and 11.4 firmware, is the card working on 2DS/3DS/NEW 3DS 11.4.0-37?

On the latest 2ds/3ds/new 3ds console with firmware v11.4, is the sky3ds+ card still working, how about the old blue button sky3ds and is there any other cheaper 3ds flashcard to buy for 11.4.0-37 system, here we can give you the full reply. Sky3ds+ and Sky3ds, are they playing 3ds games on new FW […]

Do we need to buy microsd card for N2 USB NFC Reader or Sky3ds+ for 3DS?

Some N2 Reseller online selling USB NFC Reader with microsd card, is it a must to buy or not? Also do we have the need to buy a micro sd or sdhc card for 3ds game flash cart sky3ds+? If you have these questions too like our customer in, we will give you reply […]

Which flash card support free games on 3ds v11.3 and Switch v2.1?

The latest Nintendo Switch firmware updated to V2.1.0 while the 3DS still keep the old system V11.3. Is there any flash card supports free games on it? Or the current hot selling product N2 Elite can hack them to play free Amiibos and Games? Also the last question, where to buy flash card for 3DS […]

News and updates for Nintendo Switch Hacking&Homebrew

Though Nintendo Switch is released for a few days, there are indeed some news and updates for the hacking&homebrews of this latest gaming console. I would like to share you here and keep this post updating all the time. If you are one of the Switch console users or prepare to buy it soon, this […]

Which flash card supports Overwatch on Nintendo 3DS?

Do you know the “game of the year 2016″? Yes, that’s the Overwatch. Then, are you one for the Nintendo 3ds or 2ds or new 3ds console owner who want to play Overwatch game on your handheld? If yes, please read our article here before you try play Overwatch on each 3DS family device. Overwatch […]

Sky3ds+(plus) new firmware updated for 3DS 11.3 and Pokemon Sun&Moon?

Here I have 2 good news for you have Sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus in hand or plan to buy it soon. They are the brand hot news from official sites and will let you enjoy a better using experience with Sky3ds+ card in 2017. What are them in details, let we SKY-3DS.COM tell you here. Sky3ds+ […]

3DS Card 2017 update: Which flashcards you can consider to buy and which can’t?

Do you know which 3ds cards you can't buy in 2017, which ones are still worthy to get in this year and do they have any new 2017 update? For letting you know the answers, we write this post. Which 3ds cards you can not buy in 2017? The not working ones 3DSLink and […]

In 2017, how to install CIA on 3ds v11.0/11.1/11.2 without CFW?

2017 is the Golden year for 3ds hacking scene. Because in the beginning of this year, we can do things on 3DS with no possibility in 2016. Such as downgrade 3ds 11.0/11.1/11.2 without Dsiware or Hardmod and this post’s topic, install legit CIA on firmare version 11.0/11.1/11.2 to play free games on 3DS. So how […]