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How to mod Nintendo 2DS XL or 2DS with or without 3DS R4?

Nintendo New 2ds xl and 2ds both can be modded, no matter you are using the R4 3ds card or not. Here, we will tell you how to mod the 2DS XL and 2DS with or without R4 card, so you can decide whether or not buy the R4 flashcard for your 2DS/N2DS XL machine. […]

Which R4 card support DS, DSI and 3DS games?

Here in this article, we would like to give you a full answer on R4 card compatibility to Nintendo DS, DSI and 3DS games. Can they support them all, can they play them all on a 3ds firmware or a dsi system handheld, and can they emulate GBA/GB/GBC/SNES/NES games as well? Just read this article! […]

Is there a reason to buy Stargate or Sky3ds+ card in Australia?

In Australia, do you still have a reason to buy flash card for Nintendo 3DS consoles, for example, the Stargate 3ds or Sky3ds+ card? Here in this article, let’s have a discussion on the topic. Pros and Cons for buying Stargate 3ds in Australia Price        $82.8 Pros One card work on all 3DS, 3DS […]

[Tutorial] How to install FreeShop on any 3DS with V11.6?

In this tutorial, we will introduce you how to install Freeshop on any 3DS firmware device with V11.6 such as the 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS XL and 2DS XL 11.6.0-39 console, so you will know the free way to play 3DS Games without using any 3ds flashcard. Why should your console with CFW to run […]

Which is a safe r4 3ds game site and how to get free roms?

If you buy an R4 3ds or an R4i gold or any other R4 card and want to find out a safe r4 3ds game site online, please read our post here. Now, you already make a mistake and should do something to fix it. Can R4i 3ds, R4i gold or any R4 card load […]

3DS Guide: How to hack, downgarde or install cfw and homebrew?

This post is all about the Nintendo 3ds guide, we will show and teach you how to hack 3ds, downgrade 3ds firmware, install cfw or homebrew in the article. If you still have any question after reading it, welcome to contact us here, we will try our best to give you an answer. 3DS […]

Sky3ds+ 2018 tips, why and where to buy it for playing free 3ds/2ds games?

In 2018, what’s the easiest way to play all 3DS Games? The answer is Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus flashcard. Here let me introduce you the 2018 Sky3ds+ plus the skydock and share you some important tips before buying this 3ds game flashcart. 2018 Sky3ds+ Tips What’s the Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus, is it working like […]

Hack Radiant Historiay, Detective Pikachu and The Alliance Alive on 3DS

To you who can’t afford to buy 2018 3ds games, you can hack Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, Detective Pikachu, The Alliance Alive and other 2018 3ds titles to play with one flash cartridge called sky3ds+(plus) on your 3ds firmware consoles. By owing a 3ds game flashcard, you can just download 3ds games from online, then […]

Is it possible to downgrade 3ds v11.6 and how to do that?

Is it possible and how to downgrade 3ds 11.6 firmware? If you have a question like this, read out article here. We will show you the 3ds 11.6 downdgrade video and reply you is there a must to downgrade 3ds console with 11.6.0U/E/J system version. First of all, why do you want to downgrade 3ds […]

Mario Kart 8 or Mobile Mario Kart, how to play them on 3DS?

Can the Mario Kart 8 be played on 3DS? Will mobile Mario Kart Tour be compatible for free to play on Smartphones or Nintendo 3ds? Here, if you want to play free Mario kart games on your 3DS firmware device, just read my this article. Mario Kart 8 3DS(XL) Mario Kart 8 3DS or 3DS […]