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Where to buy StargateNX with the cheapest price in USA?

StargateNX, which released recently for SX OS Switch users to download 4000+ Switch games is already available to buy, but among its official resellers, which one to choose in USA with the cheapest price? Here is the answer. Where to buy StargateNX with the cheapest price in USA? You can buy StargateNX from, we are […]

[Tutorial]How to use StargateNX to download 4000 Switch games?

StargateNX which homebrew app for letting you download over 4000 Switch games is going to come out, before its release, how we can use it to get 4000 free Nintendo Switch games on SX OS Switch? Here is the answer. And also, if you have interest to buy one, it’s currently pre-ordered in SKY-3DS.COM with […]

What’s StargateNX and which is the best site to buy it in USA?

News from Team Stargate, Stargate NX will be released in this month, it can work with sx os to play over 4000 switch games, so, What’s StargateNX? Should We buy stargate nx? which is the best site to buy it in USA? Following us, you can find the answers on the below. What’s Stargate NX? […]

Xecuter SX Pro Updated: 2019 User Guide

Xecuter SX Pro 2019 User guide is soming, we all know that sx pro dongle as for the best switch modchip in the market, but there still many players don’t know how to use it, in the article, we will show the 2019 sx pro tutorial to everyone. The Xecuter SX Pro is a kit […]

Update SX OS license in v2.5.1, Xecuter Team New Year Gift 2019

Happy New Year to you all ! The very active Xecuter team just updated their CFW SX OS yesterday, January 2nd, the first game where people went back to work, well done! So now the sx os comes in v2.5.1 and it is bugs fixed. We’ve already tested it and how does it work? You […]

Tutorial-How to crack / hack his Nintendo Switch

Want to learn how to hack your Nintendo Switch in order to have free games? Follow the guide ! Foreword The hack methods are likely to evolve. The best method valid today where I write these lines may no longer be valid in 2 years. I will still try to keep the article up-to-date. You […]

Xecuter SX OS v2.5 announced with LAN Play support

New features brought by the TX team for its CFW SX OS, it is now in version 2.5 Beta. An important bug is fixed and a new function is announced, so what are the details of the changelog? Can we update without worry? We’ll see together the last 2018 Xecuter team gift for the players. […]

【New】Team Xecute SX OS 3.0 coming back soon with 6.2.0 firmware support

That’s the good news from the team Xecuter long awaited, the update of CFW SX OS will be released soon, it is version 3.0! As we know, the SX OS v2.3 or lower is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch v6.2.0 firmware, while now the CFW Atmosphere, ReiNX and Hekate all support the hack switch […]

Is SX OS CFW compatible with the new Nintendo Switch v6.2 firmware?

The Japanese firm Nintendo has just released a new firmware update for its popular console home and portable Nintendo Switch, the version is now in v6.2. It is not long since the v6.1 version was announced so this new original firmware is to fight against the Nintendo Switch hack? What changes have been made in […]

Nintendo Switch v6.1.0 available, is it hackable by Xecuter SX OS?

Nintendo has released a new update of the Nintendo Switch system worldwide, with the current version of the portable home console now 6.1.0. So what will be an update that can fix the Switch hack? The CFW SX OS or others like ReiNX are still compatible? Read our professional reviews below please! What’s new for […]