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Mario Kart 8 or Mobile Mario Kart, how to play them on 3DS?

Can the Mario Kart 8 be played on 3DS? Will mobile Mario Kart Tour be compatible for free to play on Smartphones or Nintendo 3ds? Here, if you want to play free Mario kart games on your 3DS firmware device, just read my this article. Mario Kart 8 3DS(XL) Mario Kart 8 3DS or 3DS […]

Can 3DS Emulator and Switch emulator play free games in 2018?

What are the latest news for 3DS Emulator and Nintendo Switch emulator? Can they already play games in 2018? If you are the ones looking for information on either Nintendo 3DS emulator or Switch emulator, just read our article here. 2018 3DS Emulator Citra 3DS, the first and the unique 3ds game emulator for PC […]

Download Nintendo Switch games|Use Team-Xecuter chip or N2elite?

Do you want to download free games to Nintendo Switch or just simply download Nintendo Switch roms? Whatever, we may soon get the solution in the upcoming month. The fastest-selling home video game system in USA will be finally hacked to install CFW, Homebrews and already be cracked to backup Amiibos via N2 Elite. How […]

Which flash card support free games on 3ds v11.3 and Switch v2.1?

The latest Nintendo Switch firmware updated to V2.1.0 while the 3DS still keep the old system V11.3. Is there any flash card supports free games on it? Or the current hot selling product N2 Elite can hack them to play free Amiibos and Games? Also the last question, where to buy flash card for 3DS […]