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SX OS V1.5 released, support Folder, FTP server and new functions in NSP installer

Switch SX OS has been updated again with Team Xecuter’s hard working, this time, what are the new features we get in SX OS V1.5? Let me show you here in details one by one. If you also want to install a powerful Switch CFW to play free games on your console, don’t hesitate to buy […]

SX OS news updated, 4NXCI Open-Source *.XCI to *.NSP Converter

With the arrival of the Hack SX OS on the Switch, the only way to play Game Backups, with this hack, was to use the * .XCI (NX Card Image) Format. Later came the way to use the * .NSP Format (Nintendo Submission Package), installable via different programs such as DevMenu or Tinfoil.  And how […]

[Tutorial] The total user guide of SX Pro not working

Xecuter SX Pro for hacking Nintendo Switch is the hottest news on the market,  It is the easiest way for using Xecuter SX Pro to hack Nintendo switch and play free switch games currently. Many players have gotten their SX Pro in hand for switch hacking. But some players report that Pro dongle is not working. In this post, […]

SX Pro-Team Xecuter VS unhackable Switch

Recently days, Team Xecuter has released a new announcement for the unhackable switch, They have published their opinion on the official site, So, what’s the Team Xecuter’s new announcement? When will Team Xecuter support unhackable Switch? on the below, we will show you the details and answer. What’s the Team Xecuter’s new announcement? Earlier this […]

The tutorials of installing CFW and homebrew on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch hack scene is growing beyond our imagination, only a few months later, we are getting a lot of progress on Nintendo Switch modchips, homebrews and emulators. Especially the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS. In this article, we will show you the latest update on each Nintendo Switch homebrew. […]

SX OS V1.4, the newest update of hacking Nintendo Switch

Recently day, Team Xecuter has released and updated the SX OS to V1.4, some new changes and information has been updated, So, what’s the new update of Xecuter SX OS V1.4? How do we use the SX OS V1.4 to hack Nintendo Switch? On the below, we will show the answers to you. What’s the […]

Which supports the latest homebrew&emulator on Nintendo Switch, SX OS?

Today, Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest consoles on the video game market. He brought a huge success with millions of copies sold for the Big N. Of course, he at the same time removed the eyes of hackers, finally a group of the hack that is named Team Xecuter completely hacked the Switch […]

Which site gets Octopath Traveler in stock and how we hack this game to play freely?

Octopath Traveler physical edition is selling out all over the world currently, if you don’t wait for 1 to 2 month or pay for unreasonable price to buy the Octopath Traveler, our this article can help you with 2 solutions. Stock Status of Octopath Traveler Let’s see people’s experience when buying Octopath Traveler physical version or Octopath Traveler Wayfarer’s […]

Xecuter SX Pro: Launch your game backups on Nintendo Switch

Xecuter SX Pro, the first product to launch copies of games on Nintendo Switch. For the first time on the last console of Nintendo, this will be possible thanks to the work of the hackers. Additional point: the product will launch games on all firmware, the latest at the time we write these lines: the […]

SX Pro and OS in stock, when you can receive it after order in USA?

Great news, currently SKY-3DS.COM gets SX Pro and SX OS Code both in stock. No matter you want to buy the Pro kit or the OS license keys from our site, as long as you are in USA, you can receive it within a short time after payment. How to buy SX PRO or SX […]