Does Sky3ds support DS Games with using Ninjhax 2.5 on 3DS 10.2?

Can I buy Sky3ds card to play DS games too? I know the card itself can't run NDS Roms, but when it woks with Ninjhax 2.5 homebrew launcher, does it support free ds games liking the emulation for gba/snes games? If you want to know the answer, i can reply you No. Till for now, only the R4 3DS card is your best method to play All DS Games on 3DS 10.2 firmware to lower versions.

Sky3ds supports DS Games with Ninjhax 2.5?

No, firstly, Sky3ds is a 3ds game flashcart which emulates the genuine 3ds game card, so the card can't run ds roms by itself. Then, ninjhax 2.5, the latest 3ds 10.2 homebrew exploit, it lets you install Homebrew 2.5 on the 3DS/NEW 3DS console. This Homebrews includes many functions, such as run other region game card, support GBA/SNES/other emulators, allow custom themes and the following new features.

– eShop access on old firmware versions
– rom hacking, which lets you run modded versions of games you own such as pokemon
– in-game screenshot taking simply by pressing the home button
– 3DS CPU overclocking in any game
– sleep mode and power button support
– a bunch of other cool stuff probably

But no mentiod for DS Rom Hacking! Therefore, even you have homebrew 2.5 on Nintendo 3ds or New 3ds handheld, you are not possible to play any pirated 3DS or DS games! Want to play multi free games? You still need Sky3ds and R4 3ds cards.

Which card supports DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.2?

R4 3DS card, it is compatible with 3ds 10.2.0-28 for DS Roms. R4 3DS card means the flashcart with R4 title to support DS Games on 3DS and DSI firmwares. In the market, there are many R4 teams sell R4 3DS, their cards with similar clone wood kernel(OS), nearly the same functions and 99% alike description. So how to choose one? Let me recommend you the Best One here.

R4I SDHC 3DS RTS is regarded as the best r4 3ds flashcard from year to year. The card with all R4 functions such as support 5500+DS Games, Homebrew softwares, Multimedia files and some additional features for example Wifi download engine and Advanced RTS. In a word, if you want to play All DS games with the best card on 3DS/NEW 3DS v10.2, choose R4I SDHC RTS 3DS card you won't regret!


Price 18$
Game Compatibility 100% DS game compatibility, support GBA/SNES/NES game as well
Console compatibility Work directly on NEW 3DS/2DS/3DS/3DS XL with v10.2.0-28 and DSI/DS LITE/DS with v1.45
Main Functions Support Thousands of  DS Games at one single sd card ,Apps,Hombrews, Multimedia functions.
Special Feature

Wifi engine: users can download free ds game and update kernel via Wifi

RTS: Support 4 rts save files, let users has more choices for saving and restoring in game.

Latest Kernel V1.82b(updated recently)

Is it a must to buy R4 3DS to play Nintendo DS Games?

Yes, of course. R4 3DS is your cheapest and perfect flashcard to buy for the Nintendo DS Games. I can explain to you with more details.

  • Buy DS Games card for DS Game: No, maybe buy 1 or 2 DS Game cards is cheap, but buy many of them, you must waste a lot of money. But for R4 3DS, one card with $18's price sopports nearly All DS Games.
  • Buy 3DS Flashcart for DS Game: No, Gateway 3ds and Dstwo Plus are expensive to buy for running ds roms. And they can't play 3ds games on 3ds 10.2 too. So don't recommend you buy either!
  • 3DS Free Hack, Exploit or CFW for DS Game: No one can support DS Rom hacking