Does Sky3DS support free ds or cia games?

Can SKY3DS support ds game as well as 3ds games? How can i play .cia 3ds games via sky3ds card? If you ask me with the two questions, here is your answer.

SKY3DS for DS Roms?

Don't put ds roms into sky3ds microsd card, it can't be used on new 3ds/3ds/2ds console to run ds roms. Only 3ds game with .3ds format can be flashed into Sky3ds diskwriter, so in a word sky3ds never support ds games regarding to its current technology. So what can you do with just one sky3ds card but still want to play ds games, simple, the cheap R4 3DS card is your right choice. The price is below $20 while all the functions you will feel amazing! Firstly, let's check what the r4 ds flashcard can do on 3DS.

  • Plays DS, DSI, GBA, SNES,NES games with free downloaded resource and easy use.
  • Take your movies with you on the go.  Watch movies and videos on your Nintendo 3DS system.
  • Make you Nintendo 3DS your personal and very powerful MP3 player.  With features that rival the best MP3 players out there today.
  • Read your ebooks right on your Nintendo 3DS. There’s no need to spend money on a dedicated eBook reader when the R4 3DS can do it all.
  • Support .nds files, ePub ebook files, PDF, txt and html ebooks
  • Supports Firmware updating through Wifi – No pesky installation of firmware required – just connect to the net and you’re ready to go.
  • Auto Patches DLDI Homebrew games and apps – so you won’t have to mess with patching your free games!
  • Use apps for Facebook, Twitter, Internet Browsing
  • Turn your 3DS into your own personal digital organizer
  • Download and play thousands of free homebrew games

Then, which is the best r4 3ds card to buy for playing ds games on 3ds? The one is R4I SDHC RTS 3DS, here we make a comparison on all working r4 card nowadays, you can find the reasons why choose R4I SDHC RTS 3DS.

SKY3DS for CIA file?

    Q: I just bought a sky3ds linker (blue button) and let me know if it is compatible with the .cia game format and support eShop game?
    A: No, SKY3DS can only support original retail game card dumps .3DS format, it doesn't support the .cia format and eShop game.

Once again, the .3dz and .cia files are meaningless to sky3ds card. It works with no emunand and like a real game card on 3ds firmware. So, that's to say that sky3ds can support game update, online game and other features of the retail game cartridge, but not .3dz or .cia format 3ds games. All you need is a dumped ROM with no header (i.e. any rom that you can find online) and the Sky3DS tool adds a public header automatically when you burn the ROM onto the card. And in order to avoding Online ban from Nintendo 3ds, you should use your own private headers by editing the template file or use No Ban No Sky tool or Sky3DS Template modifier one to do that. Before all of this, you must find a way to dump the retail game carts to extract the headers and make sure you have the working sky3ds card like sky-3ds provided.