Does R4 Card can play 3DS Games ?

R4 play 3ds games ? Is that possible ? or how to use the R4 card to play 3ds games. The game rom with the xxx.3ds format ?  For the Newbie, r4 card is the first 3ds and ds console flashcart. In fact, the r4 card is designed for ds and dsi console. So the r4 cards support the DS games directly. r4 card is very powerful, have many amazing functions. Region free,AR cheat, RTS,emulators and homebrews…..

What’s the DS Games ?

DS Games are the old games. These games are designed for DSi and DS console. So you should find the Lable DS on the retail game card.

See the DS label, it’s not 3DS lable.

Long time ago their are no 3DS console. So all the games are DS games. When the 3DS is out. For compatibility with previous versions,Nintendo let you play the DS games on 3DS console too.

Old games are not mean bad games. their are many numbers of DS games and many wonderful ds games. You can search “DS Games” on amazon and ebay, these game card sells good.  Anyway, DS game is designed for DSi and DS. Now you can use the r4 flashcart to enjoy all the DS games on your New 3DS,2DS,3DS,DSi and DS console.

What’s the 3DS Games ?

3DS games are designed for 3DS console. Now New 3DS,2DS,and 3DS (XL,LL) are using 3DS games. This not mean 3D mode. But the DSi and DS console can’t run 3DS games.  3DS games has the lable 3DS on the retail game card.

because technology and the console are more and more powerful. so the 3DS games are more beautiful and more expensive.

Pokemon X&&,MH4,Super Smash Bros…..Are all 3DS games.

Not now no matter 3DS games or DS games, you can enjoy them via flashcart as free.  But you must remember, some flashcart only for DS games and some flashcarts only for 3DS games.

How about the R4 card for 3DS games ?

R4 cards is a DS game flashcart. You can use the r4 card to enjoy almost all the DS games on 3DS,new 3DS,2DS consoles.

R4 cards can’t play 3DS games,in the past,present and future !

 How to play 3DS games ?

Currently you may have only two main choice. the Gateway 3DS flashcart or the SKY3DS card. You can learn which 3ds game flashcart should to buy ?