Downgrade 3ds firmware 9.9| Is it possible with using Gateway 3ds card?

Gateway card supports 3ds firmware downgrade, so can i use it to downgrade my 3ds 9.9 to lower versions? If it is possible, how to do that? For any of you has the same question, read this article here.

Downgrade 3ds fimware with Gateway?

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Yes, the Gateway 3ds card with 3ds firmware downgration function. As the first 3ds game flashcard in the world, Gateway 3ds has the most powerful functions than any other ones(SKY3DS and MT-card). It supports Emunand O3DS 9.9, Downgrade 3DS System, Nand backup, Dump retail game card, Multi-rom menu, Region free and .CIA files. Use gateway 3ds card on 3ds and 3ds xl console, you can do a lot of things. As for the 3ds downgrade function, Gateway 3ds is the only flashcard which supports it.

Downgrade 3ds firmware 9.9?


No, Gateway 3ds card indeed has amazing functions, while at the same time, it has the biggest limit. GW only supports 3ds free game on 3ds/3ds xl console with system lower than 9.3 and higher than 4.0. And the downgrading also works on 3ds v4.6 to v9.2, which means users with GW can downgrade your 3ds/ 3ds xl stay firmware within v4.6~ v9.2 to the range v4.1~v4.5. So, the 3ds 9.9 firmware can't be downgraded with GW and there is no other way you can downgrade 3ds 9.9 currently. Then, what can you do for playing hacked 3ds games on 3ds 9.9.0 firmware? Sky3ds is the solution.

How to play pirated 3ds game without downgrading 3ds firmware 9.9?


The 3ds game flashcard sky3ds is the unique 3ds hack for playing pirated 3ds games directly on 3ds, 3ds xl, new 3ds, new 3ds xl and 3ds 9.9.0-26 console. This card supports the perfect 3ds firmware compatibility and can be used on 3ds/new 3ds/2ds with the same cheating way. If you are still not familiar with the card, here you can know the sky3ds details.

  • Sky3ds use:Easy and simple! Download sky3ds doskwriter and template file, run the diskwriter to flash 3ds game rom to sky3ds micro sd card, insert sky3ds with micro sd/sdhc to 3ds/new 3ds, then you can play free 3ds games.
  • Sky3ds functions:Multi-3ds rom,eShop access,online game playing&updating,Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC(2GB~128GB).
  • Sky3ds game: Support new and old 3ds game, such as Monster hunter 4 ultimate, The zelda majora's mask, Super smash bros, Pokémon Omega Ruby,Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Mario Kart 7 and more.
  • Sky3ds price: $88 for holding over 30 3ds games.
  • Sky3ds region free: It is officailly region locked, but with regionthree, regionfour and ntr cfw these 3 hackers, sky3ds can support region free games on new 3ds and old 3ds with limited firmware range. The most important is that Sky3ds can work with regionfour to play other region games on 9.7 3ds/