Download Nintendo Switch games|Use Team-Xecuter chip or N2elite?

Do you want to download free games to Nintendo Switch or just simply download Nintendo Switch roms? Whatever, we may soon get the solution in the upcoming month. The fastest-selling home video game system in USA will be finally hacked to install CFW, Homebrews and already be cracked to backup Amiibos via N2 Elite.

How to download free Nintendo Switch games?

First of all, you should know, no Nintendo Switch game is free to play. Currently, if you want to play a Nintendo Switch game, you should either buy the game cartridge or purchase in the eshop app. Then, there are 2 ways you can download and play free Nintendo Switch games. One is downloading game demos, the other will be hacking the Nintendo Switch game console with any firmware version via the upcoming product from Xecuter Team.

Guide A-how to download free Nintendo Switch game demos?

download free nintendo switch games

A download link is provided for every demo available on the page, so if your Nintendo Account is currently logged in on your PC or smartphone, you can conveniently initiate a download onto your Switch. Click “Download”, which will redirect you to the official website. Then, click “Download demo/体験版ダウンロード” on the official website. The account must match the correct region to work.

Alternatively, you can access the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch, find the game’s page, and press “Download Demo/体験版ダウンロード”.

Here are a few things you need to know about demos on the Switch:

  1. Unlike Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch demos don’t have a play limit. You can play as many times as you like
  2. You can search game demos in Nintendo eshop
  3. Every region has their own list of exclusive eShop games

In addition, on your Nintendo Switch you can also download other region game demos. Here’s how you can create a Nintendo Account to download demos and other free content from another region:

  • go to the Nintendo Account website, and create yourself a Nintendo Account
  • during the creation process, make sure to select the country of the region you want to access the Nintendo eShop of (for example: Japan for the Japanese Nintendo eShop)
  • on your Nintendo Switch, create a new user
  • link your new Nintendo Account to that new user
  • launch the Nintendo eShop, and choose that new user

Guide B-how to download Nintendo Switch games via Xecuter chip?

hack any Switch with TX chip

Not now, but after several months, we may have ability to play Nintendo Switch games for free. This is all thanks to the most recent announcement from Team-Xecuter. According to its latest blog post, we know that they are working hard to release a product to install CFW(custom firmware) on all Nintendo Switch consoles with any firmware version. Though they don’t mention the releasing date, they show us a video to proof their idea.

In the light of a recent presentation at the Chaos Communication Congress inGermanywe’ve decided to come out of the woodwork and tease you all a bit with our latest upcoming product.

This solution will work on ANY Nintendo Switch console regardless of the currently installed firmware, and will be completely future proof. This is *the* solution for opening up CFW (Custom FirmWare) on the Nintendo Switch. We want to move the community forward and provide a persistent, stable and fast method of running your own code and custom firmware patches on Nintendo’s latest flagship product. And we think we’ve succeeded!

Below you can find a quick video showcasing a Nintendo Switch booting up, but there s something funny going on, can you spot it?

For all the non-believers and technically capable people! Try the following key to decrypt STAGE2 of the bootloader (1.0.0 up till 2.3.0):


Keep an eye on this space, more news and updates are coming!

Once the Team-Xecuter releases the product, we will be able to install CFW to the Nintendo Switch. Then we can play Nintendo Switch games with another format without inserting the retail game cartridge or purchasing digital roms from eshop. What we need is downloading Switch roms in another format from online sites.

How to add free roms to Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch homebrew 2018

Homebrew to Nintendo Switch is not far away from us. After the past 34c3 conference in Germany, we already known that with the co-working from Plutoo, Derrek, naehrwert and many other hackers, a Homebrew launcher for Nintendo Switch is going to be reality in the near future. However there’s a catch. You will need to be on Nintendo Switch firmware 3.0.0. If you’re on a firmware lower than 3.0.0, you’ll need a physical copy of game Pokken Tournament DX which ships with firmware 3.0.0. So far,the hackers won’t be releasing their kernel exploits to the puclic,but they have said that they are planning on releasing a homebrew kit. In short, if we can really launch Homebrews on a Nintendo Switch system device, we are able to play the third-party apps, emulators and games. So that is that way we are adding free games to play on Nintendo Switch.

Guide-How to jailbreak Nintendo Switch to install Homebrews.

Which hacks Nintendo Switch to collect hunderds of Amiibos?

N2 Elite hacks Nintendo Switch

To those of you still buying the Amiibo figurines, I would like to tell you that, there is one flashcard you can use on Nintendo Switch already. That is the N2 Elite or Amiiqo, it is the amiibo flashcard for any Nintendo Switch, Wii U, New 3DS and NEW 2DS XL machines. N2 Elite can collect and emulate around 200 Amiibos on all these video game models.

Amiiqo/N2 Elite is an NFC toy emulator working on Nintendo Switch, WIIU and NEW3DS/3DSXL. It has the capacity to store up 200 Amiibo characters. You can copy all your Amiibo data to one device via any NFC-compatible Android phone or the exclusive N2 NFC USB Reader. Having the ability to hold up to 200 figures data on the disc means that you can store all your figures in the one device. Additionally, you can also share entire collections downloaded from the internet. All in all, the N2 Elite (formerly known as Amiiqo) is an Amiibo back up and flash cart. Cause there are over 600 Amiibos, considering the fact that an official Amiibo charged us 12$, choose the Amiibo emulator, it will save us a lof of money in the lifetime of continued Amiibo releases. So stop carrying around your precious amiibos and back them up with an N2 Elite today.

What exactly the N2 Elite is and what can it do? You will get answers from here too.

  • Allows copying dematerialized amiibo™ figurines
  • 200 figurines storage capacity
  • Selection of figurines by pressing a button
  • Android smartphones equipped with an NFC chip
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Compatible with Android smartphones equipped with an NFC chip
  • Compatible with N2 Elite USB Reader / Writer NFC module PC)
  • Storage banks order and range can all be configured with the help of the Amiiqo app.

Can we download DS or 3DS games to play on Switch?

download free ds 3ds games

Without jailbreaking, the 3DS and DS games are not compatible with Nintendo Switch. Even in one day, the Switch is fully hacked and can be installed DS/3DS emulator, if those emulators are not welll enough to use, you still are not recommended to play DS or 3DS games on Nintendo Switch. However, to the DS or 3DS console users, you can download free ds and 3ds roms to them to play. What you need is a flash cartridge.

R4I 3DS RTS: It supports over 5000 DS Games on your DS, DSI, DS LITE, 2DS, 3DS, NEW 3DS (XL) and NEW 2DS XL consoles. Price is $16.99, but function is powerful, from pirating game installing homebrew, to running multi-media files, in one word, it is your cheapest and most secure option to hack a DS or 3DS to play free games.

Sky3ds Plus/Sky3ds+:They are playing free 3DS Games on your any 3ds handheld system device. Sky3ds+ is working on all firmware versions and supporting plug&play, while Gateway 3ds is only compatible with 3ds v4.1 and Stargate 3ds is not that better for playing 3ds roms. The sky3ds plus is a liitle expensive, but 3ds game cards are not cheap too, yes? If your 3ds is played by children mainly, I recommend you buy a single Sky3ds+ card to play every 3ds game including the upcoming Kirby Battle Royale.