Guide: How to Hack Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 with Xecuter SX Gear and Reinx / Atmosphere / Hekate?

Recently, more and more players managed to hack Nintendo Switch by Xecuter SX Gear and SX OS without any risk. So, what is Xecuter SX Gear? How to use it to crack Nintendo Switch 6.0.0? Can I run other CFWs on the Switch? We will show you the answers below.

SX Gear, what’s the point?

Like SX Pro, another previous product, it’s an ultimate kit for crack Nintendo Switch. But on the contrary, it seems to be a USB dongle of another model with a more beautiful red color. In addition to all the features of SX Pro, it is a small chip very different from other tools of Nintendo Switch. Since there is no built-in program on the dongle, you can use it to inject other payloads as it will come with a Xecuter toolbox. It is built with the USB dongle and a RCM jig, all are made of very resistant materials, especially with its unique super-capacitors, it allows you to install a CFW safely. There is no risk to crack your Switch console.

How to install ReiNX CFW on the Nintendo Switch with SX Gear?


  • An SX Gear
  • An SD card

Detailed steps

  1. Download files

Download Link for ReiNX

2. Format the SD card

You need to format the SD card in exFAT, allocation size in 32kb


The switch does not support exFAT by default. Before the next step, please put a microphone SD card inside the SD card slot. The system prompts you to update the system fix ,after turning on the power You can connect to the Internet to update the exFAT media. Offline exFAT support update is possible, please Google “How to install the exFat update without updating your switch 

3. Extract the downloaded zip file to the SD card root and put it in the console

If handled well, you must have these files on the SD card:

4. Boot CFW

  1. Turn off the console of your Switch. Hold down the power button until the following screen appears, press Power off.
  2. Remove the Joycon from the right side of the Switch console and slide the tool template to the end.
  3. Insert the R4S dongle into the USB-C port at the bottom of the Switch.
  4. Hold the VOL + button and the power button to turn on the red led on the dongle will be light, and the system should boot into the client firmware.

Install NSP games

  1. Turn off the console, remove the SD card from the console and insert the SD card into the PC. Copy the NSP files to the tinfoil / nsp folder
  2.  Insert the SD card into the console, repeat the boot system from step 4.
  3.  Click on “Album”
  4.  Click on “Tinfoil” in the following screen, as shown below:

    5. Select Title Management-> Install NSP. Select the nsp file from the list, press A and Accept the default options. Wait until Done! Appears, which means that the installation has completed successfully.


    6. Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button. A game icon will come out.

Install XCI games

  1. Download 4NXCI (the software used to convert XCI to NSP file format).
  2. Extract the zip file, get the following files in 4nxci

    3. Copy the XCI file to the 4nxci folder next to the uncompressed files

4. Drag and drop the XCI file into 4nxci.exe, a new file with the .nsp extension will appear in
Folder 4nxci

5. Wait for the end of the conversion, copy the newly created .nsp file to the tinfoil / nsp folder in SD

6. Install the new copied .nsp game by following the steps above.

For the CFW atmosphere or Hekate, it’s the same way you do with Xecuter SX Gear to install them on your Nintendo Switch. Just download the corresponding files for each CFW.

SX Pro or SX Gear, which to buy for hacking Nintendo Switch 6.0.0?

The choice is yours: everyone has their advantages.

We first see their similarity:

  • A tool to crack the Nintendo Switch
  •  Understand a USB dongle, a RCM template and a USB cable
  • Supports all versions of the Switch, including the latest version 5.1.0
  • Support free games and homebrew

then the difference:

  • The SX license code is already linked to the SX Pro dongle, but SX Gear is an empty dongle
  • SX Gear is in red, SX Pro is in black
  • SX Pro has an integrated payload, but you can inject the other payloads by SX Gear

And here we can understand who needs sx pro and who should buy sx gear:

  • If you do not want to bother with the installation of payloads, CFW files etc. it is better to buy the pro sx directly to be quiet.
  • If you are an experienced player and want to try other CFWs except CFW SX OS, here you can choose the SX Gear to change your Nintendo Switch at ease.