Hack the Nintendo DSL: Only 5 steps with a MicroSD

Your Nintendo DS Lite can do a lot of things despite an older firmware version.it can play DS games as well as Game Boy Advance (GBA) games.it also can emulate GB/GBC/NSNES/NES games. Moreover, it can also support music, videos, text files, and much more! Today I will share a easy tutorial to crack the DS lite with a sd card.

new 2ds xl 11.6 r4

Crack DS lite: Play free Games?

When we talk about cracking a Nintendo Console, it means rather hacker to play games downloaded, or games dumped official cartridges, actually a case of piracy.Most Nintendo device users do not know about hacking or cracking, and still insist on endless purchases of dematerialized or retail games. It’s reasonable but not smart.

Indeed, a cheap R4 card hacks games easily on the DS lite and 3DS without complicated handling.

R4 DS Card: Also works with GBA games?

Initially an R4 card is intended for DS games only and gradually it becomes compatible with retro games, especially games GBA or SNES, NES etc. Certainly, it is rather thanks to various indispensable emulators. Some R4 cards have integrated the GBA / SNES emulator on the PCB chip, while most are not, that is to say, you have to download emulators yourself from the net.

Which R4 card with integrated GBA / SNES emulators?

Currently, there is only one R4 card, or it is also called Linker, in the market: Supercard DStwo + which is pre-installed GBA / SNES emulators. It is independently developed by the Supercard.sc team, and fits perfectly to their Supercard dstwo and dstwo+ product.

DStwo+ supports 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS Ver 4.1-9.2 consoles like Gateway 3ds and for playing DS and GBA games, SNES, there is no limitation of the 3DS firmware.

Unfortunately, these two products are discontinued for a long time, for now, if you want to play GBA/GB/GBC/NES games perfectly on your Nintendo DSL, buy the EZFLASH OMEGA.

Which R4 card is compatible with retro gaming emulators?

By the way, there are not many compatible linkers. Here I could list but not everything!

The group of r4i gold:

  • R4i gold 3ds plus
  • R4i gold pro 2018

The group of r4i 3ds rts:

  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts
  • R4i gold eu 3ds


And another card not to be missed is Ace3ds plus. It’s created by the Ace3ds.com team, and the cheapest R4 card so far.

Question: Is the R4 card legal to use?

Don’t worry about that. Nobody will be accused because of the possession and the use of card R4. There are thousands and hundreds of r4 card users in the worldwide, you are safe to purchase it and use it on our Nintendo DS Lite.

Which is a reliable site to buy R4 DS card?

Closer to home if you are looking for an R4 card for your Old DS Lite, the choice is rich and that’s why you would be in the dilemma: what is the best linker, cheap and more suitable and especially where to buy in any secure ??

I highly recommend sky-3ds.com, a reliable site in French and able to ship cards from America, and comes home within 1-3 business days!

In addition, we can still get a technological support for linkers and consoles and it will eventually remedy your property! Finally, a America ROM site will be available for free for all of you who make a purchase on the site. You can therefore download without limitation the DS / 3DS games.

Crack your DS lite with an 8GB memory card

To achieve this goal, you need only five simple steps. Although there are so many linkers available, they have different names and different software to install, but well the startup method is little difference, since they are all R4 cards!

So now we see the little tutorial:

  1. Buy a suitable R4 card to your DS Lite on sky-3ds.com (you better buy an SD card together)
  2. Format the SD card in FAT32 format on the computer, if necessary, use formatting software such as SDformatter, Panasonic formatter etc.
  3. Download the right R4 kernel from its official website, you will find a download collection for the frequent R4 cards here.
  4. Extract the kernel files from the root of the prepared SD card, and simultaneously put the downloaded DS ROMs (in .nds format)

Insert the SD card to the linker, then put DS R4 card to the console, start and fun!