How to get paid 2018 3ds games for free on 3DS/2DS?

3DS and 3DS Games are not dead in 2018. There are still many new 3ds titles to be released in this year, including the Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, Detective Pikachu, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux and so on. So here we wil teach you one thing, how you can get all paid 2018 3ds games for free on any 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL console.

Big Upcoming 2018 3DS Games

  • Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology
  • Detective Pikachu
  • Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
  • Sadness & Solitude
  • Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux
  • The Alliance Alive
  • Shovel Knight: King of Cards
  • Dragon Quest 11
  • Persona Q2

How to get paid 2018 3ds games for free on 3DS?

2018 3ds games sky3ds support

Yes, no need to pay for the 3ds game cards released in 2018, you also can play the games on the 3DS or any other 3ds firmware device with a 3ds flashcard. The 3ds game flash cartridge is the card supporting users to hack 3DS system handheld to play the free downloaded 3ds roms or the 3ds game backup. It looks like a official 3ds game card and is able to run 3ds game roms once it’s inserted into your console slot. The biggest difference from the retail 3ds game cartridge is the 3ds flashcart has a built-in firmware to jailbreak the 3DS system, also runs a kernel to play Multi-3ds roms on a 3DS console with the memory microsd card.

All in all, if you don’t want to spend much money for buying the 2018 3ds game cartridges, you can only pay for one 3ds flash card to play all of the 3ds games in 2018. The best 3ds flash cart in 2018 is Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds plus, it will be able to support all 2018 3ds games, such as the Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology and Detective Pikachu. It is super easy for setup and use, just download sky3ds+ kernel v140 and 3ds roms to the flashcard, it will play every 2018 3ds games on any of 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL machine. More importantly, users are safely to do anything on 3DS while using the 3ds game flashcard Sky3ds+. It does no harm and change to your console firmware.

Just notice 2 things when you use the sky3ds+ to play free 208 3ds games, the first is sky3ds+ can’t play eshop 3ds games, it is only emulating the 3ds game card roms. The second is sky3ds plus should work with the skydock for online gameplay. If you don’t prepare a skydock for sky3ds+ card, you maybe under a risk of being Ban from Nintendo cause you play online with a public game header.

Lastly, the paid 2018 3ds games can be free to play on 3DS with a single sky3ds+ flashcard, you can buy the sky3ds plus with a free skydock from SKY-3DS.COM.

How to get paid 2018 eshop 3ds games for free on 3DS?

freeshop 3ds 2018

2018 eshop 3ds games can be free to download and play on 3DS or 2DS too. To get paid eshop 3ds games freely on 3DS, you need to run the Freeshop software on a 3ds firmware device via installing the CFW(Custom Firmware). Setup the CFW on a 3DS or 2DS is not difficult and without firmware restrictions in this year. Because the NTRboothax is released and many cheap NTRboot cards are available to buy. One example is the R4I SDHC 3DS, it is working with the NTRboothax to install B9S/Luma3ds CFW to your device.

What is Freeshop?

Freeshop is a homebrew software originally coded by TheCruel and touted as a tool used to download 3DS games that you already own. Think of freeShop as free + eShop. Yes, you can use it to download 2018 3ds eShop contents for free. Doing so requires you set up a certain file with an encTitleKey.bin file.

How does it work and is it safe to use?

Freeshop replaces the eShop interface. It allows you to browse the eShop content and (re)download the titles you bought. It downloads the game from official Nintendo servers using tickets from another console. Because the company is storing tickets client side (on your console) not server side (connected to your eshop account).

When you go to eshop, and buy a game, it marks the game as “bought” and install a ticket into your console and into your account (on their servers). If you delete that game and go back to eShop it checks the ticket on nintendont servers to determine if you have the right to download a game again.

It is completely safe for now because the server can’t tell the difference between a console that owns the game and one that doesn’t.

How to use it:

1/ Install the latest version of this software (Download link above) on your preferred CFW.
2/ Put an URL linking to the encTitleKey.bin file on the freeShop’s Settings > Update > Auto-update title keys from URL.
3/ You can now use freeShop, enjoy !

How to set it up:


  1. First, make sure your 3DS can install and launch homebrew software with a CFW. If you have a stock system and cannot, follow the guide:
  2. If you followed the guide, you likely have this software already, but the following 3DS software is recommended for freeShop usage and setup:
    • Luma3DS
    • FBI for an installer
    • ftpd for transfering files to the SD card
    • Decrypt9 for dumping and encrypting title keys.
  3. Download and install freeShop using one of the following methods:
    • QR Code (recommended)
      • Using FBI, navigate to Remote Install > Scan QR Code and then scan this QR.
    • Manual Download
      • Download the latest CIA file, transfer it to the SD card, and install it using FBI or any other CIA installer.
Warning: do not use any DNS or router configurations that block Nintendo’s servers. They may interfere with freeShop’s ability to access the necessary servers.

Initial Setup

  1. Launching freeShop for first time will create all necessary files and directories on the SD card. It will inform you that no keys are found.
  2. You need a title key file (commonly named encTitleKeys.bin). To generate this file yourself, you can dump the keys of installed tickets on a 3DS console using the following steps:
    1. Boot up Decrypt9.
    2. Go to “Ticket/Titlekey Options”
    3. Go to “Titlekey Dump” (either SysNAND or EmuNAND, whichever you use)
    4. Choose a filename. The saved file should be in the sd:/files9/ directory.
  3. You can use your title key file(s) in two different ways:
    • Place the key file(s) in the sd:/3ds/data/freeShop/keys/ directory.
    • Download your file(s) from URL, synchronizing with cloud backups:
      • Add the URL in the freeShop settings in the “Update” tab.
      • You must restart freeShop in order for it to download the key file.