How to know if your console is a “unhackable” Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is already completely cracked thanks to Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS a long time ago. But why is the Switch too easy to crack? This is because there is an unplayable flaw related to the Nvidia Tegra chip installed in the console. But recently Nintendo’s firm realizes the importance of this problem, so the big N starts to attach importance to the production of its consoles. So, several consoles that are launched on the market recently become the “unhackable” switch, but how do you know if your console is one of them? And is it possible to use SX Pro or SX OS as usual? You can find the answer here.

About the Nintendo Switch hack

It’s been a year since the global launch of the Nintendo Switch, and there is no doubt that this new console has already become one of the most popular game consoles on the market. But do you remember the story of the switch hack? Only a few months since the launch of the Switch console, hackers have found that it is possible to hack Nintendo Switch and install unofficial homebrew software and pirated games on the device. This is the fastest console in history has already been opened, allowing the execution of unsigned code on the system that is usually called “homebrew”.

This is a problem of the Tegra X1 developed by the Nvidia Founder, although this functionality is not accessible to all and it only serves NVIDIA developers, it has given hackers some information to help them look for a method to hack Nintendo Switch. So the hackers of a group named fail0verflow have come up with a method to hack Nintendo Switch. Indeed, Nintendo has released the first Nintendo Switch units that are no longer vulnerable to this feat, but we have always forbidden to have certainty of 100%. That’s why we need to take precautions, although Team Xecuter has made sure that it is able to punch even the latest versions of Nintendo Switch revised.

How to know if your console is a “unhackable” switch?

Just in 2017, less than two weeks after launching the Nintendo Switch, a Webkit exploit named PegaSwitch was released by a team of coders called ReSwitched. And then, 11 months after the release of the Switch in the audience. the goal of launching homebrews on retail switches was now a reality with the release of an operating application known as ‘HBL 3.0.0′, so you will have to check that it is in the right firmware version. But currently, homebrew launcher can work on any console, but it’s the same case for you to check the firmware version and serial number of the console.

The serial number, what’s that?

A serial number is composed of numbers and letters, it looks like this: XAW100128. The X is common to all serial numbers, and is the platform code (for NX). The second letter is the hardware code. It’s an A when it’s a console, a B for a left Joy-Con, a C for a right Joy-Con, and a D for the Pro Controller.

The third letter is the region: W for West, J for Japan. The Switch is not zoned, so this may be from a time when it was. The numbers that follow are the number of your Switch (here, 100128).

Where can you find the serial number on your console?

Generally, if you have kept the original packaging, you can find the serial number. Or, you can find it on the edge to bend above, or below or behind at the bottom. Of course, in order to know it more quickly, turn on the console by holding the buttons to raise and lower the sound volume, and hold them until you see the Recovery menu. The firmware version will then be displayed. You just have to press the Power button on the console once to turn it off.

Here are the serial numbers that are with the Switch already stolen by Nintendo

  •     4.0.1



  •     4.1.0

XAJ400541 – XAJ400564


XAW100818 – XAW100857



  •     5.0.1


Therefore, the above serialals are not compatible from “SX Family” product to crack your Nintendo Switch. But do not worry, Team Xecuter had made an announcement she was looking for patched Nintendo Switch units for the Bootrom Frozen Rocket exploit. Obviously, he found a measure.

Is it possible to crack Nintendo Switch by SX Pro or OS despite on a console”unhackable”?

Although the Switch has already corrected by Nintendo, on the one hand Team Xecuter, it can deliver a solution for these new switches “not piratable” in due time! This is good news for Switch owners who are fixed. It remains to see how they will do to propose this solution, either with a new revision of the dongle, or by proposing an update to install on the current dongle. The second solution seems more likely because it seems to me that a method already allows to change the payload launched by the SX Pro so it must be possible to update the rest, at least I guess.

In short, do not worry, Team Xecuter can continue to solve this problem and I believe that the solution can be released soon. Of course, for most users, SX Pro or SX OS is still the best choice so far. It allows you to play free games with various formats and also the functions of a homebrew. On the other hand, do not miss our site, we are one of the official resellers of the Team Xecuter in USA. All items in our store are 100% of official manufacture, quality is guaranteed, and our product is shipped from a local warehouse in USA, so you could enjoy a free and fast delivery. Welcome to our site right now.