How to mod Nintendo 2DS XL or 2DS with or without 3DS R4?

Nintendo New 2ds xl and 2ds both can be modded, no matter you are using the R4 3ds card or not. Here, we will tell you how to mod the 2DS XL and 2DS with or without R4 card, so you can decide whether or not buy the R4 flashcard for your 2DS/N2DS XL machine.

mod 2ds xl and 2ds 11.6

Mod Nintendo 2DS XL and 2DS

Both New Nintendo 2ds xl and 2ds are belonging to the 3DS family system handhelds, they are using the same 3DS Firmware as other 3ds consoles. The latest system version for New 2ds xl and 2ds is v11.6.0-39. For now, it is modded too.

  • Mod 2ds xl/2ds v11.6: Yes, you can.
  • Mod 2ds xl/2ds to play commercial ds/3ds games: Yes, you can.
  • Mod 2ds xl/2ds to install HB/CFW: Yes, you can.
  • Mode 2ds xl/2ds without R4 card: Yes, you can.

Mod 2DS/N2DS XL with R4 card

How to guide?

Many r4 3ds cards are working on the new 2ds xl and 2ds consoles, such as the R4i sdhc 3ds rts, R4i gold 3ds plus, R4i gold pro 2018, Ace3ds plus, R4i gold eu 3ds and so on. So firstly, for modding the 2DS/NEW 2DS XL via an R4 card, you should pickup one flashcard among them.  Here, we SKY-3DS.COM recommends you the R4i 3ds sdhc rts, it is released by the old R4 team, the first R4 card announces it can support on Ninendo 3ds firmware devices. Even in 2018, it’s the best R4i 3ds card to buy, because it plays the most DS games, with a newer version R4 firmware, supports the advanced RTS features and with a unique wifi download engine.

After you get a working 3DS R4 card for your console, just follow the tutorial here to mod the 2DS/NEW 2DS XL to play free DS games.

  1. Format the sd or sdhc card by FAT32 or ExFat.
  2. Go to the official site of R4/R4I flashcards, download their latest kernel. Decompress the kernel file to a new folder, copy all the contents into the folder to your sd card’s root directory.
  3. Go to, download free DS Games, unzip the DS Game file to a new folder, copy only the .NDS format rom to your sd card’s root folder.
  4. Insert the sd card to your 3DS R4/R4I card.
  5. Put the R4 3ds card to your console slot. Power it on.

Why to choose R4 card for modding 2DS XL/2DS?

There are multiple reasons to explain why R4 card is good option for modding Nintendo 2ds/2ds xl handheld. Let me list you here one by one.

  • R4 3DS card supports ALL DS games and Multi-rom(thousands of)
  • R4 3DS card is easy to set up, plug&play.
  • R4 3DS card can work on all Nintendo DSI and 3DS firmware consoles.
  • R4 3DS card is safe to use on any Nintendo 3ds firmware device, no damage, no patch.
  •  R4 3DS card supports a lot of functions and features, such as running homebrews, emulators, multi-media files and so on.

Mod 2DS/N2DSXL without R4 card

stargate 3ds mod 2ds xl/2ds

How to guide?

Without using the R4 card, how you can mod the Nintendo 2ds xl or 2ds machine? Don’t worry, you can have at least 4 different options.

  1. NTRboothax: It’s a free 3ds custom firmware exploit, it works with the compatible flashcard and a magnet to install boot9strap and luma3ds cfw to any 3DS. Choose it to mod your 2DS/2DS XL console, you can have CFW installed to play free 3ds games in the CIA format and bypass the region locking.
  2. Homebrew exploits: They are some free homebrew launcher exploits as well, the exploits are always in some commercial games, for example, the Cubic Ninjia and the Freakyforms Deluxe. The currect 2ds/2ds xl v11.6 homebrew exploits to use are Ninjhax 2.9 and Freakyhax. Use them to mod your console, you can install Homebrews to play old retro games, use rom hacks and do many other things.
  3. Sky3ds+: Sky3ds plus is a 3ds game flashcard, it mods the Nintendo 2ds or new 2ds xl to support 3ds games directly. Sky3ds+ is also working on v11.6 and supporting all 2ds/2ds xl consoles. It nearly play all of the 3DS games for you so if your need for modding 3ds is to play free 3ds games, just buy it.
  4. Stargate 3DS: Stargate 3ds is one card solution for playing both ds and ds games. The only 1 flashcard in the market supports the 2 types’ games. Meanwhile, stargate 3ds is super easy to use, just like the setup of the R4 3ds card, you only need to download ds menu files and 3ds/ds roms to the stargate 3ds sd card, then you can use it to play 3ds and ds games freely.

Why not choosing R4 3ds for modding 2DS XL/2DS?

  • If you want to play Nintendo 3ds games, don’t buy the R4 card, your right 2ds/2ds xl modding flashcard are Sky3ds+ and Stargate 3ds.
  • If you want to install 3DS Homebrew or CFW, don’t buy the R4 card, the correct 2ds/2ds xl modding flashcard are NTRboot card or just use the free 3ds exploits Ninjhax 2.9 or Freakyax.


r4 new 2ds xl

Mod Nintendo 2ds or new 2ds xl console via R4 card is simple, safe and cheap, though it can’t let us play 3ds games directly. It’s worthy for you to buy the 3ds r4 card with the lower price-$16.99. However, if you just want to mod 2DS/NEW 2DS XL for playing 3ds games, buy the best 3ds flashcard Sky3ds plus.