How to play free 3ds games with Gateway 3ds Ultra on 3DS V4.1 to V9.2?

If you are not sure how to use Gateway 3DS with ultra firmware or plan to buy the card for playing free 3ds games, here is your detailed and full guide. The post here will show you clearly on using Gateway 3ds on 3DS(XL) V4.1 to V4.5 and 3DS(XL) V4.6 to V9.2. Before all the things below check whether you get the genuine Gateway 3ds card like SKY-3DS offered or not, only with a really working card, users can play 3DS Games on 3DS/3DS XL successfully.

Tutorial A: How to use Gateway 3DS with Ultra firmware on 3DS(XL) V4.1 to v4.5?

Things you need prepare

  1. 3DS(XL) console, version from 4.1-4.5.
  2. Gateway 3ds flashcart.
  3. 2 x micro sd card, one is used for setting up gateway 3ds blue card, any size would be fine, from 2G to 32G. The other is used  for playing 3ds games. (size no less than 8G because of the larger file of 3ds games. )
  4. SD card within your 3ds console.
  5. SD card and MicroSD card reader.

Step 1: Set up the Gateway 3ds blue card

Download the latest Gateway 3ds ultra v3.0.4 from here Extract the ZIP archive to a new folder, you will get the following contents:

ultra v3.0.4

Open the "Blue Card (R4i)" folder, and copy the following files in the root of your Micro-SD Card:

gateway blue

Insert the Blue Card in your 3DS then power it on. Press the "Deep Labyrinth" icon to enter the main menu.


Choose Micro-SD Card on the top screen and press "A" to confirm.

Choose "Gateway Installer and press "A" again.

gateway 3ds installer

Choose your 3DS region, then launch the install by pressing "A", you will see the following picture after it finished.

Step 2: Setup 3DS SD card

Press "A" to back home menu. From this moment, you don't need to use the blue card anymore, except that you want to play DS games or do the format option in the settings

Remove the 3DS SD Card from your 3DS and connect it with your computer.

Open the "GW_Ultra_3.X" folder, and copy the "Launcher.dat" file into the root of the 3DS SD Card.


Then put it back on 3DS.

On the 3DS, go to "Settings"main screen and choose Setting—-other setting—-profile—-Nintendo DS Profile.

Press A to boot GATEWAY MODE


Step 3: Setup Gateway 3ds red card

Format the MicroSD Card you prepared for 3DS Games. Download 3DS Games from Internet like here Put roms(.3ds files) into the Micro sd card,  then insert the card in the Gateway 3ds Red Card, finally put the Red Card in the slot of 3DS.

Notice: If your gateway 3ds card has been updated to the latest version, when you click the boot gateway mode, you will be taken to the main screen and just click select, the rom list wil show up, enjoy the games.

If your gateway 3ds card is not the latest, when you click the boot gateway mode, the screen will ask you to update it to the latest, just follow the system guide to update.  After the update prcoess complete, just click A to exit. Then click boot gateway mode, the screen will turn black and then restart,now you can see the game list via pressing Select button,choose one to play on your 3DS/ 3DS XL V4.6 to V9.2.

Tutorial B: How to use Gateway 3DS with Ultra firmware on 3DS(XL) V4.6 to v9.2?

Things you require:

  • A 3DS/3DS XL on a firmware version between 4.5 and 9.2
  • An SD or MicrSD Card (for 3DS) and a MicroSD card for your Gateway 3ds red card
  • A Red Gateway 3DS card
  • A PC with internet connection and a working wifi connection for your 3DS/3DS XL

Things you should do firstly:

  1. Make sure you have a working wireless profile in your 3DS/3DS  XL, switch it off.
  2. Format your MicroSD for the Gateway cart as ExFAT so you can place files over 4GB in size on them. Windows 7 and higher natively supports this from the Format menu in Computer/This PC.

Step 1: Also download Gtaeway 3ds v3.0.4 here, unzip it and get the following contents:

ultra v3.0.4

Step 2:Open the GW_Ultra_3.0.4(Public Beta)folder. Copy and paste "Lanucher.dat" to your SD card (Recommend you format the sd card first.) Then put the sd card into your 3ds console.

Step 3: Click the internet browser icon, URL, then enter  

go.gateway 3ds

Step 4:Click confirm, you will meet the problem like below pix shows.


Step 5:The error happened because the wifi is off, so the page is not loading.So you just push the wireless button to turn on the wifi. And the top screen will show enabled.

Step 6:Now click refresh icon below


Step 7:You will go to the page and then the screen will turn black and then restart, and you will see the pic below which means you access the gateway mode successfully.

gatewqay mode

Lastly, the following steps are the same as the above tutorial A. You can follow from Tutorial A Step 3 to play 3ds games with gateway 3ds card. If you have any questons when setting up Gateway 3ds on 3DS(XL)V4.1 TO v9.2 or want to know How to make Emunand with Gateway 3ds, welcome contack us in We will solve all your difficulties and provide you more detailed guide in our official blog.