How to play Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS with no worry being ban from online?

Be afraid that playing Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS but being banned? Do not know the safe way to play Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on 3DS? Do not worry, this post is your answer.


All gamers plays Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS will be banned?

Of course, no. Currently, the people be Banned from Nintendo is the ones that going online with the games before their launch in different regions(US, EU and JPN). No matter, you are the physical cart user or with the leaked CIA to play Pokemon Sun&Moon, if you ever go online ahead of releasing date, you will be banned soon or later.

Who should be blamed on the Ban?

Honestly, Nintendo is doing something on their right.

Who goes online in a pirated game a week before launch? Why play a game online a week before its launch? Even there are people with early copies that do reviews, work for Nintendo, ect. so online should work without bans thought by you, but the truth is Nintendo is starting a new banwave.

P.S: Except those people have have actual cartridges, so it’s fairly easy for Nintendo to differentiate between them and anyone with a .cia version. And .3ds files require private header (Which needs to be ripped from a cartridge), while .cia don’t, since they use your console information to distinguish themselves online.

What Ban is it and How long is it lasting?

Error Code: 022-2812


You receive the error code 022-2812 when attempting to connect online.

What to Do:

If you continue to experience this issue, please contact Nintendo by calling 1-800-255-3700. Representatives are available from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pacific Time, 7 days a week.

This time, you may get 2 different error codes. They are banning you for different services too. How do you know if you also have the 022-2812 ban? You cant enter online into eshop or other game

  • 002-0102 restricts your console from playing online in games. This is a mac ban (or potentially a hyperban) not a console ID ban and, as such, has no bypass method. This error 002-0102 is 15 days if you get it the first time: source:
  • 022-2812 restricts your console from accessing nintendo network services. If you have a NNID currently linked to your system this will restrict access to services that require it (eshop, miiverse, etc). If you don’t have an NNID it will restrict your ability to create a new NNID. Again this is a mac ban or hyperban and has no bypass methodIf you are caught using the cia version when the eshop version is not even available, what nintendo would do is anybody’s guess This error 022-2812 is permanent or temporary, who knows?

Is it safe to play Pokemon Moon and Sun with flashcart?

  1. With Gateway 3ds, you can use Gateway 3ds cart to play Pokemon Moon and Sun on 3DS, but like I said, if you want to play safely without Ban worry, do not go online within the 2 games. Alwasys keep this in mind now!
  2. With Sky3ds/Sky3ds+, sorry, Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ do not support Pokemon Moon&Sun on 3DS, if you are the Sky3ds+ card user, just wait, according to the team, they will soon release update again to bypass new ap check on Pokemon Sun&Moon.
  3. With 3DS R4I RTS, No, R4 card does not support 3DS Games, it can play Pokemon White&Black DS games on 3DS, but not the 3ds version Pokemon Moon or Sun.

Is it safe to play Pokemon Moon and Sun with CFW/A9LH?

You will be away from this times’ Pokemon 3DS ban, if you do not go online before and delete the cia that was shared on that iso site and 4 chan had its string version changed from version .32 to version .0. It seems like this could get you banned even if you access online after the 18th.

Which is the best method to play Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS, No Ban?

Currently I wil recommend you 2 choices, one is buying Pokemon Sun&Moon retail game cards or the other is waiting Sky3ds+ updating.

  • If you want to play the 2 pokemo games now, the most safe way is to buy the retail game cards. Cause Black Friday is coming, you can buy them with cheaper price.
  • If you can wait, the sky3ds+ will support Pokemon Sun&Moon soon, and this 3ds cart is the emulation of 3ds game cart, so use Sky3ds+ to play Pokemo Sun and Moon on 3DS, you will be out of Ban worry too. Just do not use Public header to play online.