How to use Switch Backup Manager v1.1.1 to manager on Nintendo Switch?

There is no doubt that Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo’s most popular consoles, of course, more and more players who are passionate about Switch games, especially after the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS. We can easily play free games on our Switch console. Currently, SX OS V1.4 is not only compatible with games in XCI format, eshop games in NSP format are also supported here. When in front of many files, are you confused? Is there a tool that can help you manage game backups?

Switch Backup Manager v1.1.1 is available, what’s new?

If you are looking for a tool to better manage the backups of your Nintendo Switch, comes from the Brazilian developer GibaBR, a new tasty application called Switch Backup Manager. The developer gibaBR offers us to discover a new version of his Switch Backup Manager software that now goes into v1.1.1.

How to use ?

For the latest version 1.1.1, the Switch backup management tool evolves once again with the ability to add NSP titles with the same TitleID.
  • You can now add NK titles with the same TitleID. Thanks to @garoxas
  • Add support for multiple XCI revisions with @garoxas
  • Game information such as description, release date, number of players, publisher and categories can now be retrieved from the web (optional, can be set on the setup screen).
  • The user can manually edit game information.
  • Fixed # 32 (automatic renaming problem)
  • Add a CDNSP renaming pattern (Detects if it’s a base game, DLC our update)

gibaBR has also corrected a lot of bugs, but it also brought innovations like the fact of being able to update the information of the titles, the description, the date of publication, the publisher directly on line, this information being able to be changed manually .

Indeed, you can find and download this tool here, there are several versions to your choice.

About game backups?

In fact, a backup is a copy of your system files and your personal files, in the video game, a backup is a copy of the CD of a game that can be used only if the console has a chip . As you know, a game cartridge can only restore a single game, if you would like to play multiple games, you need to store backups of different games. A video game cartridge is a case containing a ROM, plug-in into a computer, a video game console or an arcade system. This ROM contains the software or code of the associated video game. First, the most important thing is to dump the game cartridge files.

A dump is a file, maybe the extensions in different formats, for example .XCI, .3DS, .CIA etc. which contains a copied game. This file can then be used as it is on a flashcard (Stargate, R4, Sky3DS …) or, perhaps converted to work on your console by installing a CFW. Maybe it only needs a PC and a USB cable, but the operations to dump a game are not easy. In recent years, Nintendo has strengthened the security of its machines with a lot of updates while actively fighting the commercialization of flashcards and other chips.

XCI or NSP file sets?

For the Nintendo console, there are many game formats, and for the Switch, the XCI format is generally available. Therefore if you would like to play games on your Nintendo Switch, you should find and download a game that is in XCI format, this is the easiest way. Of course, currently, thanks to the launch of SX OS V1.3, eshop games in NSP format are also available. It’s not difficult to get free games in XCI format, because the group of BigBlueBox hackers released for months a lot of backups for the Nintendo Switch.

Indeed, most of the players who prefer NK games than XCI, because you can install NSP titles, which means you do not need to “mount” the title before opening it. You can simply select the title and it opens. If you would like to play many Switch games, if by XCI, you should put all of them in the root of your SD card, it’s not a practical operation.

Benefits of NSP games

  • Just use CDNSP_Next to easily get titles, updates, and DLCs.
  • No need to cut the files.
  • Automatically repackage titles in an installable NSP package.


For all the players of Nintendo Switch, it is really a very practical tool. Of course, first you should get the free games and crack your console. Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS are the best choices. Do not hesitate to make a purchase on our website, we are one of the official resellers, so do not worry about the quality of any products from us. On the other hand, you can enjoy the best services here, such as fast delivery and our site is safe for you, and it is your best choice.