Is Sky3ds be banned for online game and how to solve it?

I know many of you have the question that does SKY3DS support game online and what can do to play online 3ds game with sky3ds flash card. So, in this post, i will explain to you all the thing about sky3ds for online 3ds game.

Does Sky3ds support 3ds game online?

Yes, as the official team writes in sky3ds features, sky3ds card can support 3ds game online since it’s released. The special 3ds game flashcard, sky3ds, is different from any other cards before its apperence. Not use the same exploit from Gateway 3DS team to hack 3ds, but get the secret 3ds game chip ID number for cheating 3ds system to run the roms in it. So, we can say that from the angle of Nintendo 3ds console, it just liking a real game card. So game save, edit, load, access to shop and online game play, all supported  well by sky3ds on 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS handhelds. However, after the 3ds 9.5 updating, there are users reported Sky3ds and GW online game issues. That’s the origin of sky3ds online game ban.

How to play online 3ds game with Sky3ds card?

Problem:In fact, the ban is caused by more and more sky3ds users use the same public game header for playing online 3ds game. In normal case, each 3DS game has a header, which is similar to an old-fashioned cd-key for PC games. Only one person should be able to be online with each header for each game, so if there are too more people using the same game with the same header,finally it will lead to the online 3ds ban.

Solution: Regarding to this issue,the sky3ds team released a tool for editing private game header for template file. The tool can be used only after you get a private game header from different means, you can dump a retail card, you can get from a friend and so on. All in all, as long as you have the private game header for playing hot 3ds games, you won’t be banned by Nintendo.

What if i already been banned by Nintendo 3ds?

Users that are banned can still enter the eShop and purchase games, and download updates. They can not go online within any game or use their friends list. They also can not use ANY application that requires online connectivity, including Pokemon Bank, YouTube, and Netflix. However, the Web Browser DOES still work. That’s all for nintendo online ban.