Is SX OS CFW compatible with the new Nintendo Switch v6.2 firmware?

The Japanese firm Nintendo has just released a new firmware update for its popular console home and portable Nintendo Switch, the version is now in v6.2. It is not long since the v6.1 version was announced so this new original firmware is to fight against the Nintendo Switch hack? What changes have been made in v6.2 update? And especially for users of SX Pro or SX OS, it is necessary to update the console?

The news on Nintendo Switch v6.2

Now the new firmware of Nintendo Switch v6.2 is available, for cons there is no reason to get too excited. Once again, Nintendo finds that the system update has brought “general improvements in system stability”, a non-descriptive line used for years in relation to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS portable home console.

Here is the changelog

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

It seems an ordinary update and without big changes but it’s true? In truth, the BigN did not put a patch against hacking and hacking on its Switch console? We will see more.

Nintendo Switch v6.2 stable VS. CFW SX OS v2.3 beta

Knowing precisely yesterday its rival Team Xecuter has just released a v2.3 beta update for its CFW SX OS, on which we found a lot of system improvements and new features. To find out more you can click here

  • Update SX OS v2.3 beta Available, it’s time to crack your Nintendo Switch!

it seems a coincidence but hey the Nintendo announced the firmware v6.2 unspecified, is it possible that the feat of the meter card Nvdia tegra 1 is already patched? If so, all existing CFWs will no longer work because they have all benefited from the same exploit of the system, including apparently SX OS.

For now, is the news confirmed but according to a hacker’s twitter, SX OS is no longer compatible with Nintendo Switch v6.2 !?

He said on the picture that the new firmware switch brings a big change to the hack scene and is still expected to get around it. In other words, the sx os probably does not work anymore on Nintendo Switch v6.2.

Therefore, I recommend ESPECIALLY not to update your console to the latest firmware! It is believed that the team tx will crack Nintendo Switch 6.2 finally, without any problem!

Buy Nintendo Switch hackable for Christmas!

The Christmas party is fast approaching and it is time to prepare a gift for your loulou. A Nintendo Switch console is a good gift idea for Christmas because it is not only a portable video game console but you can also connect it to TV for family fun!

But beware it is better to choose a Nintendo Switch unpatched, otherwise you will waste a lot of balls to buy game cartridges. Since the Nintendo firm has already started to fight the hack switch, and announced the new firmware v6.2 more stable, it is important to find a compatible switch hack sx os or others.

How do you then shoot the console? Just watch his serial number! If the serial number of your console is in the listed range, so congratulations!

But where is the serial number of the Nintendo Switch?

  • To find the serial number of a switch is very simple: it is located on the lower edge of the tablet. For purchases from the used console!

  • You can even find it before buying the console. The serial number is located on the underside of the box in a recess. To buy the new console!

If you still have problems, do not hesitate to contact me here


It is already confirmed 100% that the SX OS does not work on Nintendo Switch v6.2 on the official forum of the team xecuter, see here


I repeat, do not update the switch and be careful that other CFW ReiNX, Atmosphere, etc. does not work either!