Is there a reason to buy Stargate or Sky3ds+ card in Australia?

In Australia, do you still have a reason to buy flash card for Nintendo 3DS consoles, for example, the Stargate 3ds or Sky3ds+ card? Here in this article, let’s have a discussion on the topic.

Pros and Cons for buying Stargate 3ds in Australia

Price        $82.8
  • One card work on all 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS (XL), NEW 2DS XL console to play both free NDS and 3DS games.
  • Support multi DS or 3DS roms with only a memory microsd card needed.
  • Emulate a retail game card to work on 3DS system handheld, will never be patched, banned or brick your console.
  • True-meaning plug&play, no use of any 3ds exploit, only download games to the 3ds flashcard, you can play free Nintendo 3ds games.
  • Allow CFW to run on your console due to its compatibility for NTRboothax.
  1. Price is so high, many customers can’t afford it.
  2. For now, only support DS/3DS games, doesn’t support homebrew and region free.
  3. Not compatible with CFW in DS Mode.

Pros and Cons for buying Sky3ds+ card in Australia

Price        $82.5
  • A single flash cartridge works on any 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, NEW 3DS (XL) or NEW 2DS XL model with any firmware versions.
  • Support multi 3DS roms with only a memory microsd card needed.
  • Play All 3DS Retail card games, best game compatibility.
  • Emulate the official game card to work on all 3DS system handhelds, will never be patched, banned or brick your console.
  • Download, plug and play, no use of any 3ds exploit, you only need to setup firmware and download 3ds roms to the flashcart to play free Nintendo 3ds game.
  • Compatible with Ninjhax or Freakyhax to homebrew the 3ds.
  1. Price is a out of budget of many customers.
  2. For now, only support 3ds card roms, doesn’t play nds game, eshop 3ds rom or cross-region games.
  3. Not supporting NTRboothax/Magnethax for installing CFW.

So, what’s the conclusion, buy or not buy 3ds flash card in AU?

In fact, the main advantages of both Stargate 3ds and Sky3ds plus are they are easy to use, they are having a good compatibility and they are not using any 3ds exploit to hack a 3DS system handheld. So in Australia, to those of you fit any of the conditions here, you should consider to buy a Stargate 3ds or a Sky3ds+ flash card.

  • Your just want to play NDS, 3DS or NDS&3DS games.
  • You just get or buy a Nintendo 3DS firmware console and don’t have much knowledge about it.
  • You just purchase a 3DS system device for a Kid.

On the other hand, if you still dislike the limited functions and the expensive price, you still have another cheap solution to play free games, install homebrew or cfw on your console.

r4i 3ds rts ntrboothax

The solution is R4i card with ntrboothax compatibility, it is not only playing free NDS games and supporting Homebrews but can flash NTRboothax exploit to your console to install the 3DS CFW, like Luma3ds or Boot9strap. R4i card support the NTRBoot Method is so cheap to buy, in our site, it is only sold at 16.99 dollars.

All in all, in some situations, we recommend you buying Stargate 3ds or Sky3ds+ card still in AU, however, to you who are more familiar with Nintendo 3DS hacking scene, you can just purchase the cheap 3ds R4i card to play free games!

Where to buy Stargate 3ds or Sky3ds+ in Australia and USA?

A good news is that currently, it’s your best timing to buy the Stargate 3ds or the Sky3ds plus in both AU and USA. Why? Because the retail price is much lower than before and our store is doing a Big Promotion too on the flashcarts. Compared with the price on the releasing date, you can now buy a Stargate 3ds or Sky3ds+ with nearly $15 off.