Latest hacking for Nintendo Switch: SX GEAR shipped out in September

Currently, it is easy to play free games on Nintendo Switch with SX Pro or SX OS. Today, Team Xecuter announces the arrival of a new product, the SX Gear, designed to accompany their operating system SX OS. Is there any difference between two products? How to run it on your Nintendo Switch?

SX Gear, what is it for?

Like SX Pro, another previous product, it is an ultimate kit for crack Nintendo Switch. But on the contrary, it seems that it is a USB dongle of another model with a color in red prettier. In addition to all the features of SX Pro, it is a small chip very different from the other tools for Nintendo Switch. Because there is not a built-in program on the dongle, you can use it to inject the other payloads because it will come with a Xecuter toolbox. It is built with the USB dongle and a RCM Jig, all are made of very strong materials, especially with its unique super-capacitors, it allows you to install a CFW safely. There is no risk in breaking your Switch console.

Announcement of Team Xecuter

  • SX Gear is the ideal solution for owners of SX OS who want a simple and safe way to start Team Xecuter firmware.
  • It can also be used to inject any other payload with a high quality tool kit of the brand you trust: Team Xecuter.
  • SX Gear combines our reputable, solid, rugged dongle and jig with unique supercapacitors. Made to last and keep your switch safe.
  • Available in September, all Team Xecuter dealers around the world, including one near you.

Features of SX Gear

  • Install a CFW of SX OS on your Nintendo Switch
  • Play free games backups of the cartridge and eshop
  • Run a homebrew launcher to take advantage of other home applications
  • crack multiple Switch consoles because it is an empty dongle to inject other payloads

What are the differences and similarities between SX Gear and SX Pro?


  • A tool to crack Nintendo Switch
  • Understand a USB dongle, a RCM Jig and a USC cable
  • Support all versions of the Switch, including the latest version 5.1.0
  • Support free games and homebrew


  • The SX license code is already linked to the SX Pro dongle, but SX Gear is an empty dongle
  • SX Gear is in red, SX Pro is in black
  • SX Pro has an integrated payload, but you can inject the other payloads by SX Gear

When will it be published on the market and where will you buy it?

The expected date of the launch of SX Gear is in September, you can pre-order from our site, we are the official reseller of Team Xecuter, so you can make a purchase at our no worries. Over here, you can enjoy the best service and the very fast delivery, because all items sold at our store are shipped directly from our warehouse. On the other hand, if you do not want to wait to crack your Switch, SX Pro and SX OS are in stock now with us, do not hesitate to make a purchase immediately!