News: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe arrive soon on Nintendo Switch

Currently, Nintendo Switch is a new Nintendo console, which has thrilled the community of players in general and the loyal fans of Nintendo in particular. With the success of E3 in 2018, we can know that there will be more and more games will be launched on the Switch, as you know, Super Mario Bros. is a classic Nintendo game, is there a version Nintendo Switch? Recently there is a rumor about New Super Mario Bros. It would come soon on Nintendo Switch. On the other hand, we can crack the Switch by Xecuter SX Pro or SX OS, but is it possible to play it for free in the future?

New Super Mario Bros. U: a Nintendo Switch version?

New Super Mario Bros. U, the latest installment of Nintendo’s 2D platformer series, could enter Nintendo Switch if recent rumors were revealing. According to informants Liam Robertson, this Switch version would contain the base game and the add-on New Super Luigi U. Some of its sources even told him that this reissue could contain unpublished elements. If the title of this portage is not yet known, several sources of the insider mentioned the title of New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. As for the release date on switch of this New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, nothing is certain for the moment. Some sources have said that the game could land before the end of the year.

Is this true or a rumor?

As you know, this game is also called New Super Mario Bros. U on Wii U, it is designed for the Nintendo Wii U console. It is currently difficult to know exactly when Nintendo is preparing to release this edition “Deluxe”, but some sources have indicated that it could decline this year. If that’s right, would you be interested in a Switch version of New Super Mario Bros. U?

How to play for free the games of Super Mario series on Nintendo Switch?

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