Nintendo Switch Cheat Hack: SX OS v2.1 beta Cheat Guide

Do you want to enjoy cheating in Nintendo Switch games? and do you know the new function of the CFW SX OS team Xecuter? here is a tutorial of the SX OS v2.1 and an FAQ about this latest version SX OS. But first, you need to install the CFW SX OS on your Nintendo Switch even though in v6.0.1, thanks to SX Pro or SX Gear.

The latest update of the SX OS, v2.1 Beta

For the SX OS 2.1, the official website said like this:

SX OS v2.1 beta introduces our brand new cheat engine and cheat finder. Many people requested a way to cheat in games or aid in finding cheats for games, so it has been high up on the priority list for a while. We’re curious to hear your feedback about this initial version of our game cheat addition to SX OS.

As of now we don’t have a big library of game cheats available yet, but we hope the community will come up with some cool ones that they will share publicly. Finding cheats and making (reliable) cheat codes for Switch games can be a laborious task and is in certain aspects a bit more involved than finding cheats for, say, a classic gameboy game!

For that reason we have written a small reference guide for the aspiring cheat hackers out there detailing the format of our cheat codes, caveats that need to be accounted for, and small tips to bring you up to speed.

This little guide tries to enlighten you to find your own cheat codes, for the Switch games using the SX OS Cheat finder, as well as the details on the SX OS Cheat Code format.

As a reminder, at the same time, the team released the SX OS version v2.0.1 as a more stable and secure option, compared to SX OS 2.0.1, the SX OS v2.1 has its renewals:

  • Cheat Engine
  • Cheat Finder

and other than that, the two are the same, then we see:

SX OS 2.1 Beta = SX OS 2.0.1 + Cheat Engine & Finder

and what’s more, sx os 2.1 have also fixed the previous bugs:

  • AutoRCM mode bug, sleep mode does not work not for XCI games.
  • Bug when the console is paused while a game is in progress.
  • Bug that prevents the use of SX OS v2 for users with firmware 3.x
  • Freeze issues with LayeredFS.

How to update SX OS 2.1 on Nintendo Switch?

According to the site, the SX OS v2.1 is already available to install and it also expects the use of the players to improve it and then it will release the SX OS v2.1 formal. To update the sx os to v2.1, you can download the file from and replace the previous sx os file on your SD card in the console, or use the Updater Online function. to connect your Switch to WiFi, and the update will end automatically.

How to cheat with SX OS v2.1?

We know the cheater with a R4 3DS card, but for the SX Pro, we do not know too much about its new Cheat feature. It should be identical to r4 3ds. We will first wait for the developers to enrich the cheat code library, and then we will have a list of cheat codes on the SX OS CFW interface. We choose the preferred option and start cheating!

The team presented a cheat code copy for the Mega Man game, and here’s a video of how it works the cheat on the NES Mega Man: Legacy Collection game.

In short, here are the general steps of Cheat on Nintendo Switch

  1. Buy an SX Pro or SX OS to install CFW SX OS v2.1 on your Nintendo Switch
  2. play to a point you want from the game;
  3. leave the game with the home button
  4. open the album (the SX operating system menu will open)
  5. go to the “Cheat Searcher” tab
  6. select the type of data to search for at this point, a game memory backup will be created on SD card, so use a microSD card fast and with sufficient capacity. (remember that the Switch has 2 GB of RAM)! This dump will be pretty slow!
  7. Now, if you know the exact value you can do with “Next Search” and search for it, the results will be in hexadecimal!
  8. Return now to the game, change the value, then return to SX OS and continue the search. when there are few items to choose from, the cheat engine will show you, if there are too many, you will have to continue to vary the value and look for it. If you do not know the exact value, you can also use approximate values such as “lower than previous search” or “higher than the previous search”.

FAQ on SX OS v2.1 and Nintendo Switch Cheat codes

  1. Can I cheat in a game of Switch?

Yes, we can now cheat in the Mega Man 11 game, and there will be more cheat codes available for other Switch games.

2. Is it safe to update SX OS to v2.1?

No, we do not recommend, players have blocked their games when cheating with SX OS v2.1 beta, namely it is a Beta version instead of a formal!

3. SX OS 2.1 supports cheat for all games?

We do not know, and it’s not for now, because the Team Xecuter has not yet developed a lot of cheat codes for the public, the work of creation is the community of geeks.

4. SX OS 2.1 supports the latest Nintendo Switch v6.0.1 update?

Probably YES, the v6.0.1 update did not make too many changes, and the Switch SX Pro or SX OS hack would not be patched, in my opinion. In any case, it is better to wait for a confirmation from the team Xecuter.

5. it is recommended to update sx os v2.1?

No, absolutely no, wait for a stable version of SX OS.

6. Where to buy sx os code and get it within 10 minutes?

Go out and find the, place the order and receive the license code sx os in 10 minutes!