Nintendo Switch v6.1.0 available, is it hackable by Xecuter SX OS?

Nintendo has released a new update of the Nintendo Switch system worldwide, with the current version of the portable home console now 6.1.0. So what will be an update that can fix the Switch hack? The CFW SX OS or others like ReiNX are still compatible? Read our professional reviews below please!

Nintendo Switch 6.1.0

What’s new for the Nintendo Switch v6.1.0 update?

No special things. Once again, the company has implemented “general system stability improvements” that, more specifically, solve an issue where specific games do not recognize your Nintendo Switch Online subscription shortly after purchase. Here is the changelog:

     General improvements in system stability to improve the user experience, including:

  • Resolved an issue where certain games don’t recognize a Nintendo Switch Online membership for a short time after purchase

It seems a little bug fix and does not have patches on the exploit of the Nvida motherboard.

Can the CFW SX OS crack Switch 6.1.0?

Probably yes, as I said, it is not important update, the expilot of SX OS is not patched and you can still use it on your Nintendo Switch console to enjoy free games, even if you have already updated 6.1.0.

However, I do not recommend doing the last update, we will still need more info to check my judgment, in short, to be sure, DO NOT TAKE YOUR SWITCH UP!

In my opinion, the SX OS v2.2 beta will be worry-free compatible with the Nintendo Switch v6.1.0.

And other CFW Switch? for example ReiNX and Atmosphere?

Sorry we do not know now, according to the story of CFW ReiNX and atmosphere, they still have a delay in the compatibility of the last update of the Switch, but eventually their developer will still work a new CFW version to hack well new official firmware. The reason is obvious, the exploit of the motherboard is not patched, so just take time to renew the software and it will work again!

in this area, the Xecuter team is a group of developers, so it is always the first to be able to hack the Nintendo Switch with the latest update!

About RajNX or Hekate, the answer is uncertain, they are not updated regularly so it is difficult to say if they will have a compatible update of Switch 6.1, we’ll see!


The principle in the hack scene is that if a version of the program works well for the moment, we stay there and no longer update lightly!