SX OS-All erros, problems and their solutions on Nintendo Switch

Many players prefer to buy an SX OS license code that costs only 30$ to completely hack its Nintendo Switch. Compared to Xecuter SX Pro, the SX OS license is actually a CFW for Switch to install, you need to know a little computer to successfully crack the Switch. On the other hand, users have […]

Which flashcard to buy for modding Nintendo Switch firmware 6.0.0 in USA?

BigN has released Nintendo Switch V6.0.0, which adds online features and functionality for Nintendo Switch Online alongside new system functionalities and stability improvements. So, if you want to hack your Nintendo Switch, Should we to buy Xecuter SX Pro for Nintendo Switch firmware 6.0.0 in the USA? At this post, you can the solution on the below. […]

Guide: How to Hack Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 with Xecuter SX Gear and Reinx / Atmosphere / Hekate?

Recently, more and more players managed to hack Nintendo Switch by Xecuter SX Gear and SX OS without any risk. So, what is Xecuter SX Gear? How to use it to crack Nintendo Switch 6.0.0? Can I run other CFWs on the Switch? We will show you the answers below. SX Gear, what’s the point? […]

Latest hacking for Nintendo Switch: SX GEAR shipped out in September

Currently, it is easy to play free games on Nintendo Switch with SX Pro or SX OS. Today, Team Xecuter announces the arrival of a new product, the SX Gear, designed to accompany their operating system SX OS. Is there any difference between two products? How to run it on your Nintendo Switch? SX Gear, […]

News: New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe arrive soon on Nintendo Switch

Currently, Nintendo Switch is a new Nintendo console, which has thrilled the community of players in general and the loyal fans of Nintendo in particular. With the success of E3 in 2018, we can know that there will be more and more games will be launched on the Switch, as you know, Super Mario Bros. […]

What is the best R4 3DS card supporting DS games in 2018?

A console of the Nintendo 3DS family is still one of the most popular video game consoles on the market. Everyone knows, we can play free games with an R4 card, although there are more and more new 3DS games, several players who still wanted to enjoy DS games. But what is the best 3DS […]

SX OS 1.9, can it be used safely for hacking Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is already cracked for a long time, although it has several methods and CFW to crack this console, SX OS is still the best choice for several players. It allows you to run free backups games on your console and run HBL applications. In any case, the risk of piracy still exists, but […]

What is the best R4 3DS card for a 3DS or New 2DS v11.8?

As usual, Nintendo has released an update for the 3DS family consoles, the latest version 11.8.0-41 is out. It seems like it’s a regular update, but is it possible to crack the 3DS console? A flashcard, can it still work on a 3DS or New 2DS v11.8? Of course, as a most famous brand on […]

SX OS 1.8 updated for hacking Nintendo Switch firmware V6.0.0

Team Xecuter claims that the latest SX OS V1.8 should support the next Nintendo Switch firmware v6.0.0. Yes, though the Switch V6.0 firmware isn’t officially released, the company has released the announcement that SX OS V1.8 will be compatible to Nintendo Switch v6.0 update. So SX OS users and any other  Nintendo Switch firmware V6.0.0 […]

Can Freeshop still work on Nintendo 3DS V11.8?

As you know, since Nintendo released the latest version of the console owned the 3DS cliff a long time ago. Until now, I think more and more users who have already updated their 3DS to the latest version 11.8.0-41. It is confirmed that a CFW of Lumas 3DS and all 3DS flashcard are all compatible […]