Safehax or Fasthax or Soundhax, which replaces sky3ds+ card to play 3ds games in 2017?

Recently in 2017, there are many 3ds exploits or haxs are released, what are they using for, do they support 3ds games, can we choose them not the sky3ds+ card to play Free 3DS Games on 3ds, 2ds or new 3ds machines, here let give you the answers. What is Safefirmlaunchhax and it is […]

Which 2017 r4 3ds homebrews do you need to play free 3DS/GBA/SNES/NES games?

R4 3DS is the Fantastic card for Nintendo 3DS and DS consoles. If you still only use it to play ds games, you are so out-dated. You should know that R4 3DS is supporting hombrews on both DS and 3DS consoles, then what you can do with them on your machine is beyond imagination. Here, […]

How to play Super Mario Run game freely on IOS/Android/3DS in USA?

How to play Super Mario Run for free on IOS in USA? When there will be the Super Mario Run game for Android Smart Phones? Can we download and play Super Mario Run to 3DS with Sky3ds+? In this article, let me answer you the 3 Question. What’s the Super Mario Run game? In case […]

Does Sky3ds+ support SUMOHax/DRAGONHax to use game cheats on N3DS?

Do you know the most popular SUMOHax/DRAGONHax for recent big games Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon and Dragon Quest VII: Fragments? They are supporting you to cheat in games freely to enhance game experience highly. If you want to know how to install them on N3DS and does the Sky3ds+ card support them or not, just […]

2016 3DS Games Summary, what are the top 3 and how to play them with one flashcard?

In the whole year of 2016, Nintendo releases a lot of 3ds games, but what are the best 3 we must have and can we play them with one flash cartridge Sky3ds+? Here is the answer. The Best 3 Nintendo 3DS games in 2016 Rank 1-Pokemon Moon&Sun Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon Is The Game To […]

Super Mario Maker-Which 3ds game you can play with your kids?

As parents, do you want to play 3ds games with kids but feel it is too difficult to play? Are you willing to have fun with kids but seem to do not know the game a little. Here recommend you Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. This game is the exclusive one to help Parents […]

Sky3ds+ can’t play 2017 3ds games or only just the Pokemon Sun&Moon?

Perhaps you already know that Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ both can’t support Pokemon Sun or Moon, so it will come a question, does Sky3ds plus only couldn’t play Pokemon Sun&Moon or it will not be compatible with future 3ds games released in December and 2017? In this post, we are glad to give you some explanation. […]

How to play Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS with no worry being ban from online?

Be afraid that playing Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS but being banned? Do not know the safe way to play Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon on 3DS? Do not worry, this post is your answer. All gamers plays Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS will be banned? Of course, no. Currently, the people be Banned from Nintendo is […]

Sky3ds+ and Pokemon SUMO, does Sky3ds+ support them or lead to online ban?

To Sky3ds+ cart user, if you are looking for place to download Pokemon Sun&Moon to play on 3DS, you are worrying for using Sky3ds+ to play Pokemon Sun or Moon, you do not know when can you play the 2 latest Pokemon games with Sky3ds plus cart, SKY-3DS.COM will give you there. Sky3ds+ supports to […]

2016 Best Deals of 3DS, 3DS Games and R4 3DS Card(Black Friday)

Dear everyone, by the end of 2016, you can pick up the right place to buy 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS consoles, 3DS Games and R4 3DS Cards while reading the post here. We are listing you the best deals for Black Friday 2016 on these items. Do not miss it, if you plan to get […]