Review and the best deal of Stargate 3DS in 2018

Here to read the most comprehensive review of Stargate 3ds card and you can also get the best deal for buying a Stargate 3ds in this post.

Stargate 3ds review

stargate 3ds review

From Reddit

There is no review post in reddit, but members of Reddit are more likely to recommend R4I 3DS Plus not the more expensive StarGate 3DS.  The first flashcard is able to hack any 3DS to install CFW to play free 3ds games in CIA format, while the latter flash cart just supports DS/3DS games directly on all 3DS firmware machines.

From forum-GBAtemp

The Stargate 3ds review post in GBAtemp is from No GBAtemp memeber do a new review on this 3ds flashcard.

From forum-Maxconsole

In its current state, with the issues faced while testing this flash cart, I give this flash cart a A-. It is excellent as a 3DS/DS plug-and-play flash cart but lacks a few features that people are used to seeing in a flashcard.


  • Supports all Nintendo 3DS and 2DS console variants.
  • Supports all versions of System NAND (all of the 3DS console’s internal system “Version”).
  • Fully plug and play.
  • Supports 99% of 3DS games per console region (future updates will allow the entire library to run).
  • Supports all DS games.
  • Supports exFAT and FAT32 file systems (older 4GB 3DS ROMs do work in exFAT).
  • Drag and drop ROM file support to microSD card.
  • Does not require any files to be installed on the console’s internal SD card.
  • Does not require the 3DS console to be software or hardware modified.
  • Supports both DS and 3DS games.
  • Supports online gaming.
  • On the fly switching between DS and 3DS mode.
  • 3DS and DS ROMs supported within the DS mode menu.
  • Better updates supporting more CFW variants will be added.
  • Super NES and a few more in house emulators are in the works.
  • Low power consumption SoC design.
  • Updates for years to come (no need to buy a new flash cart later).


  • The latest 3DS games do not currently work (this will be addressed in future updates).
  • Nintendo eShop 3DS games do not currently work (eShop titles are tricky even on CFW).
  • Not officially region free (install CFW if region free is required).
  • Does not fully support all CFW (custom firmware. Updates to compatibiity will be added).

From NintendoFuse

One word–marvelously.  I have a handful of 3DS games on there and a couple DS games and each one loads flawlessly, just like a standard cart or download.  Not every game is supported as of yet, but the vast majority of retail games are.  Some of the newer ones, such as Mario Party the Top 100 do not work, but Metroid Samus Returns does work.  None of the eShop games work and once again, keep in mind that this cart is not region free so any ds or 3ds file outside of your region will not work.

Admittedly, it’s a bit pricey ringing up at around $90.  However, this flashcart is really quite impressive and with the promise to continually update the firmware on the cart I’d say that the StarGate 3DS is a practically perfect solution for anyone out there who doesn’t already have a flashcart and doesn’t want to modify their console. 

From Hipsterpixel

Strong Points: The Stargate 3DS is a flashcard to play DS and 3DS roms on your Nintendo 3DS with a simple drag and drop model, no patching, no signature, no hassle. Simple setup, usage, 3DS and DS support.

Weak Points: 1. Cartridge a big thick. 2. No game menu in 3DS Mode.

From Glaciergaming

Overall I found the Stargate 3DS card to be a decent piece of hardware. It’s well built and feels sturdy enough to last normal day to day use and it does exactly what it advertises. It’s not quite as plug and play as I imagined it to be but I imagine this is a limitation of the exploit used to trick the 3DS console into thinking it is a legitimate card. If you’re like me and you have a lot of 3DS and DS games and you like the convenience of being able to keep your backups on a single game card then I can certainly recommend it to you; on the other hand, if you’ve already got a DS flash card and are running custom firmware already you may not see the benefit.

From Cubed3

In its current state, there is really no need for the StarGate 3DS card, as it is extremely restricted in what it can do. With any luck it will be developed further to make it a worthwhile purchase, but for now the custom firmware approach is so simple that even casual gamers – which this is aimed at – cannot mess up the process. Anyone happy enough to play around with just their own region games alone, or use it to access DS content, will be satiated. Everyone else will look elsewhere.

From Christcenteredgamer

Strong Points: Supports most retail 3DS games in your region and all DS games and homebrew

Weak Points: Some 3DS games do not work; DS mode does not currently work with a CFW 3DS; homebrew 3DS games nor eShop titles work; no simple way to dump your own games using just this that I am aware of; battery life is fine during gameplay, but sleep mode time is much shorter; if you accidentally press the buttons on the back, you can lose some game progress.

From Hackinformer

If you only want to play 3DS Games on your 3DS you can pretty much go with a Sky3DS+ flashcard. The Sky3ds+ supports more 3ds games, even including the new titles. However, the Stargate 3ds is not supported yet. It with a updatable firmware or kernel, hope it can support new 3ds games much faster. Then for playing both ds and 3ds games, you can buy it.

Should we buy Stargate 3ds for Nintendo 3DS?

The flash card is not worthy to buy with the past retail price which is around 90 dollars, but if you can buy the flashcard plus shipping fee with only 80 dollars or so, Stargate 3ds is recommended still. Because it will and can work on any 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL and plug&play to support 3DS/NDS games.

The Best Deal of Stargate 3ds in 2018

stargate 3ds best deal cheapest price

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