Review of SX Gear, Team Xecuter released new product to hack Nintendo Switch!

In the market, there are some topics about using SX Pro and SX OS to hack Nintendo Switch, it’s a good news for players, SX products help them out for saving money no need to buy such game cards, one flashcard is enough. These days, Team Xecuter announced SX Gear released, new number from SX Family to hack switch. On this article, we will show the hack information about this SX product.

Team Xecuter released SX Family to hack Nintendo Switch

We’ve all seen the build up from Team Xecuter about their SX OS and their SX Pro products that would be released. The SX OS is their custom firmware that works on Switches of all firmwares using your favorite method of payload execution. The SX Pro is a device that can flash their custom firmware using their proprietary dongle.   

SX Gear is an easy and safe way to use SX OS to boot up TX CFW. If you have one SX OS without an USB dongle and RCM jig, SX Gear is the safe tool for hacking Nintendo switch. If you lost your USB dongle or RCM, you can buy a cheap SX Gear without paying more $50 for an SX Pro.

SX Gear can be also used to inject any other payload.

What is the difference between SX Gear and SX Pro?

There is no license code is built-in within SX Gear, while a license code is written into SX Pro

SX Gear is made of the SX Gear USB dongle and RCM jig as well as the SX Pro. However, it’s an empty SX Gear dongle, so it’s much cheaper and can be used on different Nintendo Switch consoles. The Xecuter SX Gear is currently in Pre-order status, if you want to buy and get it faster, you can just order from

Will be banned if we play SX products on line?

The official site has given the answers, it has a risk to play game online, and now days some players showed thie Nintendo Switch has been banned on the Reddit or GBA. So what’s the way to avoid ban?

Ways to Avoid Ban

There are two ways to hack and avoid being banned. Both exceptions have serious downsides.

1) Disable Online on Your Device

Without online Nintendo can’t detect your hacked system. But you can’t play online games, install update’s or do anything else online related while in hacked mode.

2) Make Your Device Look like it was Never Hacked

To do this you need a copy of your Switch’s flash memory that hasn’t been tampered with.

When you want hack your Switch have your clean unhacked backup in handy, hack, go offline, then after your done in hacked mode you restore the clean backup you made before doing any hacks. You have to do this every time if want a hacked console and online access. It is considered a very tedious and an annoying type of hack to do.

In the future there will be a method called Emunand that will make Number 2 process easier. But it’s not available now and we don’t know when it will be.

You won’t get banned playing legal games even whilst using sx os. As for being banned, we honestly don’t know what causes it. There’s a thread on gbatemp where many users list what they have / haven’t done and if they’re banned or not. Some people will say they’ve played pirates games fine and aren’t banned (which is true) but then you will have users saying they got banned even they did the exact same thing as the person that isn’t banned (also true).

SX Product’s features for hacking Nintendo Switch:

  •  Works with any Switch – SX product works with any Switch system and with all firmware versions!
  • Start each game! – SX product allows you to start all your favorite games directly from the MicroSD card inserted in the Nintendo Switch.
  • Homebrew games and applications – With the SX OS homebrew launcher you can enjoy all the apps and games created by independent developers!
  • Continuous support – Team Xecuter is constantly working to add new and exciting features to the SX OS software.
  • Function, dual ‘- Using the SX OS launcher you can decide whether to start the SX OS or the original Nintendo Switch firmware to start your original games.


If you already has os code in hand but don’t get any usb dongle and jig to use, SX Gear is the best one for you to buy. No code in it, much cheaper than SX Pro and supports you boot OS CFW fastly on your console. It’s the time to buy SX product to hack Nintendo Switch, and where to choose the legit site to buy SX Pro, SX OS and SX Gear? Let me introduce our site SKY-3DS.COM to you, we are the reliable reseller, No Fake, No clone, we provide 100% original card from Team Xecuter, so you can buy from us without any worries. Over here, you can enjoy the best service and the very fast delivery, because all items sold at our store are shipped directly from our warehouse in USA. No matter where you live in Europe, you can enjoy a delivery only 3-4 days to your part. On the other hand, if you do not want to wait to crack your Switch, SX Pro and SX OS are in stock now with us, do not hesitate to make a purchase immediately!