Review of SX Pro and SX OS License

Welcome to our test of the Xecuter SX Pro! After a long wait, the product is finally here. The Xecuter SX Pro and included OS can be used to back up Nintendo Switch games as well as homebrew. Team Xecuter kindly provided us with a review sample – thanks for that! Then let’s have a look at the whole thing!

Thanks to express delivery, the package reached me within seven days from Hong Kong (and on Monday there was still holiday there). After removing three thousand packs, I noticed the actual packaging. Click on the pictures enlarges them as usual.

And on the right everything is in it:

On the right we have the dongle and on the left the jig. May you will be really surprised how small the two are! Everything looks so much bigger on product images! Here are two more pictures, so you can estimate the size:

Included is also a microUSB cable, with which the dongle can be loaded on a PC, which is not likely to occur too often, because the dongle also loads on the switch. And this is where it all comes together:

About how to set up it:

Xecuter provides a quickstart guide that makes it easy to set up.

First, the dongle should be loaded once. To do this, the switch must be switched on normally and plugged in (do not forget to remove the front cap). Now wait about five seconds until the LED on the dongle lights up green and switch off the switch again. Or you just take the microUSB cable and download the dongle to your PC.

Next, download the SX OS and copy the boot.dat to the SD card of the switch.

Now remove the right Joy-Con and push the jig down from above into the rail. This can be a bit difficult the first time, just push on and it goes from down to the bottom. This groundet pin 10, the “hidden HOME button” of the switch. This one has to be pressed, if one wants in the Tegra Recovery Mode – more about that right now.

Yeah, the jig does not go all the way down, do not be surprised. Now plug in the dongle, if not already done and hold down the volume up key and then press POWER. This boots into Tegra Recovery Mode and the dongle sends a payload. Like Fusée Gelée, just easier! Now the SX OS starts!

Here we have the possibility to boot into the custom firmware or into the original firmware without modifications. We will deal with the options in the appendix. When we boot into the CFW, we’re told we do not have a license – we’ll do it right away, before we have to approve the creation of a license-request.dat.

Attention, the dongle has to be plugged in for the first boot, because it contains the license! Now it’s on to the CFW. Here we should remove the jig, otherwise the right Joy-Con will not connect. In the switch firmware, the album must be started and the TX menu is already visible! Simply press here with active internet connection and plugged dongle A and the license will be validated and activated with the server. If you do not have an internet connection at the switch, you can also activate the OS on the PC.

Now turn off the console, plug in Jig again (do not remove the dongle), hold the volume up and press Power. Then reboot the CFW and now dongle and jig can be removed! That’s it with the decor!

TX menu

If the album is selected while no button is pressed, the TX menu will be launched where game backups can be easily selected. These must be located as “XCI” in the root of the SD. On FAT32 these must be split additionally, for exFAT the exFAT update must be installed (if an exFAT card is inserted, attention, also updated the firmware!). We test it with trimmed and split XCIs. Backups of cartridges can be created with the WAINCartDumperNX.

Incidentally, the console here is 5.1.0.

With “A” a backup is mounted, which can take a bit depending on the size. Smaller games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are mounted almost instantly, but larger ones like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild take about 10-20 seconds. It will then appear as a normal cartridge. Game updates can also be installed – how Nintendo handles spells is of course still unknown.

Just start normally

If you want to change the game just press HOME and finish the game first and then select a new one in the TX menu. Easy peasy!


To use Homebrew,first the Homebrew Menu must be copied to the root of the SD. Then simply hold down “R” while the album is being recalled.


  •      No button = TX menu
  •      R button = homebrew
  •      L-Button = Album

With the homebrews tested, I have found no problems. According to some users, there are still a few problems with some. Of course, TX should still be working on that!


In theappendix we deal with AutoRCM and the payload chain loader. If you hold the volume up while you switch your switch on with jig and dongle (even if the logo is displayed), you will be back in the boot menu. AutoRCM can be installed there and an external payload can be booted.

“AutoRCM” is the same as briccmii. The BCT of the switch is so “damaged” that the switch only in the RCM boots – that is, the jig falls away and to boot it is enough when the dongle is plugged in and simply pressed on power. But then you can not boot without a dongle.

With “Launch external Payload” an external Fusée-Gelée-Payload can be booted. Since some homebrews with SX OS are not running as mentioned above, you can, for example, executehekate. All BINs in the root of the SD are listed here.


  • Team Xecuter specifies the standby time of the dongle with one week or ten boots. However, I find it incomprehensible how I should know if the charge of the dongle is full. Sometimes you are then stuck in the RCM and the dongle has no charge and you have to turn off the console hard (hold POWER for about 15-20 seconds)
  • UPDATE: Our dongle seems to have had a defect, see comments


All in all, the Xecuter SX Pro is a very good product, which is easy to use. You do not have to rely on a cell phone or a PC to start SX OS, and the dongle is really small enough to carry it with you, for example, in the host bag (and the cell phone would need a corresponding USB cable). The operation of the SX OS is simple and jig and dongle are ofhigh quality construction.

Ofcourse you can certainly build a dongle yourself or buy a cheap clone in the future. However, you will not achieve this quality and simplicity. That’s what the SX Pro is all about. So, where is the legit site to purchase SX Pro and SX OS? is your best choice, not hesitate, just buy it from us, we can provide good customer service to you!