Safehax or Fasthax or Soundhax, which replaces sky3ds+ card to play 3ds games in 2017?

Recently in 2017, there are many 3ds exploits or haxs are released, what are they using for, do they support 3ds games, can we choose them not the sky3ds+ card to play Free 3DS Games on 3ds, 2ds or new 3ds machines, here let give you the answers.

What is Safefirmlaunchhax and it is used for what?

Safefirmlaunchhax: It kills the need to downgrade to 9.2, it's an arm9 exploit for 11.2. It works with Fasthax to downgrade from 3ds 11.2 firmware, no need for complex Dsiware method or hardmod.

What is Fasthax 3ds and it is used for what?

Fasthax: It kills the need for slowhax/waithax, it's an arm11 exploit for 9.0+. It will allow for CIA installation on the exploitable firmwares.

What is Soundhax 3ds and it is used for what?

Soundhax:Soundhax is an exploit which was presented by hacker nedwill that relies on the 3DS’ sound player. As is the case with many exploits on the 3DS, it is a buffer overflow exploit. For what you care about, Soundhax means now you will have a free exploit that works offline! Currently, it can work on every version of the firmware for which the sound app is available, for all 3DS/O3DS/2DS console with US V9.7-11.2, JPN xx -11.2, EUR xx-11.2.

Safehax or Fasthax or Soundhax, which replaces Sky3ds+ to supports 3DS Games 2017?

No one, there are either the homebrew 3ds exploit or exploits for downgrading 3ds firmware, all of them can not Hack the 2ds, 3ds or new 3ds console to play 3ds games but the 3ds card sky3ds+ can do that. So in 2017, if you want to free 3ds games directly on 2ds, 3ds and new 3ds console, without any limit for 3ds firmware version, just choose the flash card sky3ds+. It is one card solution to play 90% 3DS Games on your 3ds devices. Easy to use, cheap to buy and lifetime support for 3DS new firmware, Sky3ds+ is your best option to play 3DS GAMES in 2017.

Tips on using Safehax or Fasthax

  • If you're already on Luma/A9LH: no use to you.
  • If you're on 11.0-11.1: stay on your current firmware. Wait for the guide update.
  • If you're on 11.2: wait for Plailect to update his guide, then proceed to downgrade.
  • "This allows us to not need to downgrade!": no, it removes the need to downgrade to 9.2, you still have to downgrade to 2.1 to get the OTP. A better way to phrase this is "You no longer need to have a hardmod/DSiWare to get CFW." The "no downgrading" phrase will confuse others.
  • This removes the need for a hardmod/DSiWare method.
  • Will this work on 11.0-11.1: yes.