Sky3ds+ and Pokemon SUMO, does Sky3ds+ support them or lead to online ban?

To Sky3ds+ cart user, if you are looking for place to download Pokemon Sun&Moon to play on 3DS, you are worrying for using Sky3ds+ to play Pokemon Sun or Moon, you do not know when can you play the 2 latest Pokemon games with Sky3ds plus cart, SKY-3DS.COM will give you there.

Sky3ds+ supports to play Pokemon Sun&Moon on 3DS?

Sorry, but we have to tell you the truth, the Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon can not be supported by Sky3ds+ now. Maybe new AP check be added to the games again, but the result is you can not use Sky3ds or Sky3ds+ to play Pokemon Sun or Moon on 3DS consoles. But do not worry, you still can play other Pokemon 3DS games with Sky3ds+ card, we list you here too.

Sky3ds+ will lead your 3DS be banned from online now?

No, the most recent 3DS Online ban is not caused by using flashcart but via playing Pokemon Sun&Moon online. The 3ds gamers who are be banned from online on 3DS are the people fits any of the 3 conditions.

Group A

Group A are people who downloaded the leaked version of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon and have also accessed online content of these games and have been banned.

If you are in this group, there is a small chance that you was not banned for whatever reason. If this ban is indeed permanent, be thankful and let this be a lesson to learn.

Group B

Group B are the people who have gotten thier hands on access to a physical cart of Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon ahead of game official releasing time. These people have accessed online content and have also been banned. This Includes review copies and it seems like Nintendo have told reviewers NOT to go online. And here is the experience of one member in Reddit. All we know is, if you went online before release, at least in the US, a ban is almost certainly coming your way.

Group C

Seems like people are getting both error ban codes for just having CFW. Not sure if its just a false claim or Nintendo are banning people just by having CFW. These claims seem to be verified by more CFW or APLH users. So stay in tune.

When will Sky3ds plus be updated to play Pokemon Sun or Moon?

It has been a problem too, we already send e-mail to sky3ds site and get their reply like here. We will tell you once Sky3ds+ is updated to support Pokemon Sun or Moon, at that time, we will also tell you Where to download Pokemon SUMO 3ds roms.

And do not worry, the Sky3ds+ has the updatable firmware, so there will not another sky3ds++ be released again. You are no need to pay the Forth Sky3ds card to play the latest 3DS Games. Plus, currently, only Pokemon Sun&Moon are not supported by Sky3ds+, other newly released games can be still played by Sky3ds plus.