SKY3DS blue version or Gateway 3ds,which is better for NEW 3DS?

If you are considering buy a 3ds game flashcard for NEW 3DS(XL), here are the main products for supporting free downloaded 3ds/3ds xl roms on N3DS/N3DS XL console, they are the SKY3DS with blue button version and Gateway 3DS cards. So which one is better 3ds game supported card for new 3ds, if you guys have the same confusion, i will help you in the post.

SKY3DS Card(Blue button)

NEW SKY3DS with blue button version is the second-generation product of It is removing the ever 10 3ds games limitation, which means users buy this card version can have no limit to put how many 3ds roms into micro sdhc card that be inserted with SKY3DS finally. Except the major difference, Sky3ds blue card have all the features as the former one, like supporting Multi-3DS roms, play nearly 100% 3DS Games, full compatible with ALL 3DS SYSTEMS and 3DS Family consoles and so on. ALL in ALL, SKY3DS is the only flash card to buy for playing 3DS Games directly on NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL with the latest firmware v9.5.0-23.

SKY3DS Techonology

Not like any other 3ds flashcard in the market, SKY3DS is so special in its technology. Rather than using a particular exploit in the system, the Sky3DS team opted for attempting to emulate the behaviour of an original 3DS cartridge, thus gaining compatibility on all 3DS firmwares. This came with its shortcomings such as no built-in menu, no native homebrew support, no EmuNAND, perhaps most importantly no region unlocking games.

SKY3DS Pros:

  • It does offer a seamless, plug & play, simple to use, firmware-independent, 100% compatible and online-capable method of booting all of your 3DS backups.
  • It operates perfectly fine on latest 3DS System -even on Nintendo NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL, and so far it's the only flashcart to date that does.
  • It with solid build quality
  • It is supporting online games, access to Eshop and all other features of retail game.


  • No built-in menu
  • No native homebrew support (aside from NINJHAX by smealum, only available on consoles up to FW 9.2)
  • No built-in region lock circumvention (Region Free available via Regionthree by smealum, see update)
  • Not compatible with eShop titles

Gateway 3DS with Ultra 3.1

Gateway 3DS Two Card

For a long long time, Gateway has no competitor in the whole market, all other 3ds game flashcard is its clones like MT-card. But since the production of SKY3DS, Gateway 3ds is trying hard to hold its current market share. So recently, Gateway is constantly to releasing new firmware version to support more 3DS systems and NEW 3DS consoles. Finally, with the Gateway ultra 3.1, the card can be used on NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL to run 3DS Games. However, the suppoting firmware version range still lower than v9.3. But for all Gateway 3ds ultra 3.1 users, you can enjoy all the following functions on NEW 3DS(XL).

  • 100% game compatibility
  • Multirom menu
  • Gateway and Classic mode
  •  Emunand !
  • Eshop application support AND Eshop ROMs support
  • Homebrew support
  • Savegame backup and restore
  • Gamecard dumping
  • System nand dumping
  • EXFAT and FAT32 support
  • Diagnostics
  • And many more features

Gateway 3ds Cons

  • It's hard to use, you even need open the NEW 3DS black plate for taking out the SD card,no menthion you have to prepare a lot of things in order to boot into Gateway mode firstly.
  • It is just supporting 3DS System from V4.1 to V9.2, for NEW 3DS console, it can run on V8.x to V9.2 as well.

Conclusion: SKY3DS blue card or Gateway 3ds, which is better for NEW 3DS?

System request:
sky3ds works on all 3DS consoles(New 3DS(XL,LL),3DS (XL),2DS
Gateway works on N3DS(XL) 4.1~9.2 firmware

Game (rom) support:
Gateway:3DS ( 3DS roms, DS roms,SNES,NES…)

Gateway 3DS support
SKY3DS: Don’t support

Region Free:
Gateway 3DS Support
SKY3DS: Don’t Support

Based on the functions, Gateway 3ds is more powerful apparently. However, for most NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL consoles users, buying a flash card with easy use seems much better, so if you ask me which is the best 3DS Game flash card for NEW 3DS, I will sat the answer is SKY3DS.