Sky3ds .cia files installation guide for Nintendo 3DS/NEW 3DS console

Does SKY3DS card support cia 3ds games? How to put .cia files via Sky3ds on 3DS/NEW 3DS? Can i just run .cia games with only Sky3ds card? All your questions about Sky3ds .cia files installation will be answered here with sep by step tutorial.

Sky3ds support .cia games, yes or not?

Partly yes, the card itself doesn't have this function, but in limited firmware versions, you can use Sky3ds to work with Pasta CFW 1.3 to play .cia games. On the other hand, though sky3ds is not designed for cia games, it can run Multi-3DS roms on new 3ds, 3ds and 2ds handheld without any firmware limitation. Those downloaded 3ds roms is easy to search and find out on Internet while .cia 3ds games is that difficult to get, what's more, use the sky3ds card to play 3ds roms is a simple and safe choice for your Nintendo game machine. It doesn't change or add something to your 3ds sysnand,you always have the orginal 3ds as it reached to you before. So still suggest 3ds gamers download 3ds roms to play with Sky3ds, not with various complex 3ds cfw.

How to make Sky3ds run .cia 3ds games on 3DS/NEW 3DS?

Sky3ds .cia Compatibility: Work with PASTA CFW V1.3(beta 4) on old 3ds console v4.1-9.2 and new 3ds console v9.0-9.2.


  • PASTA CFW V1.3(beta 4)
  • FBI starter zip file
  • CIA from DEVMENU(copy CIA into root of 3ds console micro sd card). 
  • FBI plugin zip file
  • 3DS/NEW 3DS console in the limited firmwares
  • One SKY3DS card(with cubic ninja game flashed already)
  • Other cia games in .CIA format(copy the CIA games into root of 3ds console micro sd card)


Step 1: Extract the downloaded PASTA CFW V1.3(beta4), and open the folder "Pasta", you will see 2 folder: one for 3ds(folder "3ds") one for your PC system to use(folder"PastaCFW configurator")

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Extract the downloaded FBI zip file and copy the FOLDER FBI into downloaded PASTA CFW V1.3 FOLDER 3ds, you will get 2 folders as below:

R4 3DS

Insert your console micro sd/TF card into a USB Card Reader and connect this USB Card Reader to your PC. Copy all the files (boot.3dsx+BigBlueMenu.cia+FOLDER 3ds) to the root of your console micro sd card.

R4 3DS

Open the folder "PastaCFW configurator", according to your PC system select one from the below 3 folders to run:

R4 3DS
(We tested with PC windows system, so we opened the folder "Windowns" and click to run the file "PastaCFW Configurator.exe")

Step 2.Select the micro sd card of your 3ds console, click to download.When download completed, click "yes" to continue and close the window.


During that process it will automatically load 2 new files(firm.bin+system) into console micro sd card as below list :
R4 3DS

Step 3.Power on 3ds console, insert sky3ds card, press the blue button to run the game Cubic Ninja. Press button L+R+X+Y at the same times in order to clean the previous QR CODE Memory. Choose and Download the QR Code for your console here:

Step 4.Scan the QR Code. When done, you will enter into the Pasta CFW. Make sure you are in the PASTA CFW loader and FBI homebrew.

R4 3DS

Step 5.Press the button A to read the Pasta CFW files, when back to menu, repeat starting cubic ninja > Edit > QR Code > Homebrew, then press button L+A at the same time to select the Pasta CFW loader, enter into the settings menu, select the option "backup sysNAND" in order to backup your console NAND:


Step 6: Navigate to the "Options" and hold Select.


Step 7. Go to the option of "Enable FirmLaunch", change "NO" to "YES" and press button A.

pasta cfw 1.3

Step 8. Homebrew menu will load in automatically. You will see the gift box.

R4 3DS

Step 9: Select the cia game you want to play.

R4 3DS

Step 10. Now you can enjoy playing games with the PASTA CFW System in your 3DS/NEW 3DS console v4.1-v9.2.