SWITCH GUIDE: How to use an external hard drive on the Switch to play unlimited free games?

Thinking of using an external hard drive with your Nintendo Switch? And what is its maximum size? How to increase it to enjoy more games together? That’s good news from the Xecuter team: the latest version of the SX OS v2.2 Beta come with support for the hard drive on Nintendo Switch, in other words, we will be able to play a larger library of games, on a 2 TB HDD for example, no matter which console is docked or not. Let’s see how the SX OS CFW works for the Switch in our article.

Can I use an external hdd with my Nintendo Switch?

For the moment, this is simply not possible. Yes, the console has USB ports (at least on the console dock) but NO, the Nintendo Switch does not support external hard drives. Maybe in a next firmware?

AN American player asked this question on the Nintendo official website,

and there he received a NO confirmation.

But I wonder if we can expand the memory of the Nintendo Switch with a microSD card, microSDHC or microSDXC?

The console has a microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC card slot that can be inserted on the back of the console. For that you just have to lift the small support (see the photo below) on the back to see the location of MicroSD cards that will allow you to expand the memory of your Nintendo switch.

so what size and what kind of memory card can I put on my switch? Here are the details on the memory of the Switch:

  • The console is 32 GB basic;
  • The operating system takes 6.2 GB;
  • A new console will have a real storage of 25.8 GB;
  • The console accepts microSD, microSDHC or microSDXC up to 2TB;

However, the price of a 2TB Micro SD card is much higher than that of a 2TB hard drive, if you want to keep more games downloaded on the console, it is better to choose an external dd. Fortunately, the goal is achieved by the CFW SX OS, the latest version 2.2b supports the most huge memory related to the Nintendo Switch console! So how can you play unlimited Switch games with SX OS v2.2?

SX OS v2.2 allows to use hard disk or USB key on Nintendo Switch

According to the official website of the Xecuter team, the SX OS 2.2 is the latest CFW SX update designed to hack Nintendo Switch 6.0 or lower. To be brief, the SX OS 2.2b firmware changes are:

  1. support for USB mass storage devices, such as USB stick, portable hard drive etc.
  2. Improved Cheat function, for easier and faster handling
  3. Auto Cheat On or Off by One Touch
  4. NSP homebrew icon appear normally
  5. the error 2345-0021 corrected, the game turns more stably.

many features have been improved, especially the novelty unveiled support for the hard drive surprised us.

Yes. You read correctly. You can now connect a USB mass storage device to your docking station and load the XCI directly or install the NSP content from it. You are no longer limited by the size of your microSD card when you play, but you can now enjoy external hard drives! The file system on the drive must be FAT32 or exFAT, and the directories whose contents are scanned are the same as those you would use on the microSD card.

The TX site said like that. And to know more about the news, you can read a previous post of our site:

  • Update SX OS v2.2 beta supports XCI and NSP games from a hard disk or USB key

As a result, you will be able to play more free Switch games during nomadic mode or during docked mode! And you no longer need to remove and put back the SD card from the Switch console several times, just plug & play as an R4 card for the Switch !!!

So how can you install the SX OS v2.2 to connect the HDD to the Switch? Read more.

3 Methods to Install CFW SX OS v2.2b on Nintendo Switch

For the moment, you have three different level methods to put the TX Team SX OS on your Nintendo Switch, each has its own advantage and it’s up to you to choose according to your needs.

A . Buy Xecuter SX Pro

The first way is also the one that I recommend the most, because it is the solution of the team Xecuter, the developer of CFW SX OS. You can order the Ultimate SX Pro Switch Hack Kit and easily install the best CFW on your Switch 6.0.1. The handling is simple and the risk of ban is lower.

B. Buy R4s Dongle and SX OS License Code

R4s Dongle is a new product of the famous site R4i-SDHC.com, it allows to inject payloads on the Nintendo Switch then launch a CFW. R4 Dongle Switch supports all current payloads, such as SX OS, Hekate, ReiNX etc. but the dongle is completely empty, you have to download the corresponding payload yourself. So if you want to use the r4 dongle, you still have to buy the SX OS license code to activate the CFW SX OS, the CFW SX file is free to download but the use is not free!

C. Buy AceNS Loader and SX OS

The third solution is the expensive month, only $ 19.99 on our website Sky-3ds.com. And besides, the AceNS dongle comes with SX OS payload pre-installed, however, you will also need the SX OS license code, otherwise, the CFW SX OS can not be launched. Compared to its competitor R4s dongle, AceNS dongle is a bit cheaper and preinstalled with 3 different payloads. However, the two third party dongles are not competitive enough compared with the official SX Pro dongle.

here is a clearer chat:

SX Pro R4s Dongle+SX OS AceNS Switch+SX OS
Price 54.8$ 46.5$ 49.4$
Manufacturer’s website team-xecuter.com r4i-sdhc.com ace3ds.com
CFW compatible SX OS ReiNX, SX OS, Atmosphère ReiNX, SX OS, Atmosphère
SX OS pre installed downloaded and paid license code downloaded and paid license code
Manual Simple Complicated Complicated

The price is almost the same, but to install CFW SX OS, it is still the SX Pro which is more recommended, except that you want to use the other CFW on your console.

If you already have the SX OS on the Switch, just update it:

  • update in WiFi thanks to SX OS Updater function
  • manual update, download os sx file from the official website and replace the previous boot.dat file

Well here we can now connect the hard drive to the Nintendo Switch, so what to choose dd?

Hard Drive Recommended for Nintendo Switch cracked under SX OS

This is a personal recommendation, all dd’s are not tested by our team, so be careful before buying the dd!

  • WD My Passport 4TB Portable Hard Drive
  • Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics
  • Adata SD700 SSD
  • Samsung SSD T5 500GB

Here are the 4 best hard drives currently for Nintendo Switch or other video game consoles. Before explaining their benefits, I must keep you informed that the SX OS v2.2 supports only 4TB maximum.

The first dd WD, Capacity: 4 TB | Storage type: HDD

  • Masses of storage
  • Very good price
  • High transfer speeds
  • Not as fast as an SSD

The second Toshiba, the famous brand, Capacity: 1 TB | Storage type: HDD

  • Economic price
  • Decent transfer speed
  • Not the biggest
  • Not the fastest

The third dd adata is a solid state drive, capacity: 512 GB | Storage type: SSD

  • Robust and very well made
  • Incredible reading speed
  • Currently available
  • Less storage space than regular hard drives

The latest Samsung SSD, Capacity: 500 GB | Storage type: SSD

  • SSD, for faster loading
  • Adds 500GB of storage more
  • Costly compared to the hard drive

You can easily find the above products on Amazon and then install the NSP backups on the internal memory of the console or its SD card, or launch the XCI roms directly from the DD, finally have fun games unlimited Switch and FREE !!!