Switch Modchip SX Pro-when will it out and which’s the best site to buy?

Finally, Team Xecuter doesn’t let us down, their Switch modchip Xecuter SX PRO will be out soon in the following months for hacking the Switch to play free games via installing a CFW. Here, we will introduce you more on the Nintendo Switch modchip SX, such as its official site, release date, price, best seller and so on.

Switch SX hacks the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Modchip SX

Switch SX or Switch SX Pro is a modchip for hacking the Nintendo Switch to run Custom Firmware for playing free Switch games. It is coming from the Team Xecuter, which has been Rocking the Xbox scene since 2002, and now they are entering the world of Nintendo with a big Surprise. Nintendo Switch SX is the current Only flashcard working on the console to pirate the commercial games, no other method for playing free Switch games besides this one.

In addition, this Nintendo Switch flashcard or modchip can work on any firmwares, any regions and never be pacthed by Nintendo according to the announcent from official site.

Official Site

Team-Xecuter.com is their official site, one day ago, they presented the first video on the SX Switch flashcard and released the following news. The Xecuter SX Pro includes everything and the Xecuter SX OS is just a software license . And live ease of use!

Don’t be too impatient, we will start taking preorders by the end of the week.

We are carefully working with our distributors to ensure we can meet demand as much as possible. This is products we have receive so many inquiries for that we know we won’t be able to ship all preorders on day one, but we will make sure all orders come to you fast.

And of course, every unit will have Xecuter built quality, full customer support and warranty. No unit is shipped without proper Team Xecuter testing.

No risk: Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Check out the exclusive video over on MaxConsole did up for us earlier today for our first SX product, and stay tuned for more info, upcoming product support forums and SX launch site, and of course the big preorders announcement next week and list of exclusive SX features that will make your Nintendo Switch Rockin’ with Games in TX style.

Release Date

The exact release date of Switch SX Pro isn’t confirmed, we SKY-3DS.COM only gets a rough time from the Team Xecuter. It maybe released in the next month or July of this year, so you already can pre order the Switch modchip from now on, not longer waiting, the sooner you order, the faster you can get the SX for using on Nintendo Switch console. Because the first batch of flashcarts always in limited amount. 


The average price of Switch modchip SX is between 40 to 50 dollars, its price is lower than a single Switch game cartridge, which is usually has a retail price at $59.99. So no matter you choose which site to buy the SX Switch flashcard, it’s much cheaper than you buy the official game card to play Switch roms. 

SKY-3DS.COM $45.8
SDS-Flashcard.COM $48.5


SX Pro from Team Xecuter with simple but poweful functions, just check the function list here.

  • It supports play downloaded Nintendo Switch roms or backups.
  • It plays the Nintendo Switch games, include 
  • It works with a microsd card to load and play multiple Nintendo Switch games.
  • It enables the ability to switch games in real-time.


Which’s the best or cheapest site to buy Switch SX (Pro)?

Let me introduce you our site, the SKY-3DS.COM, We are now the cheapest site to buy a SX (pro) Switch flashcard, in the mean while, we are providing you the Best Service.

  • Genuine Nintendo Switch SX from Team Xecuter, this Nintendo modchip will be 100% from the official site, if it’s not working or a fake one, we provide full refund or free exchange.
  • Multiple Shipments, you can choose free shipping, express shipping and later you can choose the USPS carrier for American local shipment.
  • Safe Payment, you are allowing to buy SX with Paypal payment, which is a customer-friendly payment method and you are no need to input credit card information in our site.

So which can be the best site and the cheapest site to buy the Team Xecuter’s SX flashcard, just choose us SKY-3DS.COM.