SX OS 1.8 updated for hacking Nintendo Switch firmware V6.0.0

Team Xecuter claims that the latest SX OS V1.8 should support the next Nintendo Switch firmware v6.0.0. Yes, though the Switch V6.0 firmware isn’t officially released, the company has released the announcement that SX OS V1.8 will be compatible to Nintendo Switch v6.0 update. So SX OS users and any other 

Nintendo Switch firmware V6.0.0

It’s not available, but recently many update details about the new firmware v6.0.0 has been leaked by several hackers. Because they found that the Nintendo uploaded the 6.0.0 firmware to their servers before it is really going out. Nintendo Switch firmware v6.0 should be released before the launching of its paid online service in the second half of the month, and it is likely to support the following new features.

  • Nintendo Switch Online subscription support (Slogan: “More Games. More Features. More Fun.”)
  • Save data backup
  • New avatars:Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker icons: 2x Captain Toad, 2x Toadette, 1x Wingo, 1x Draggadon
  • New banners of controller icons: Famicom, NES, SNES/SFC
  • Mitigations against an unreleased Switch exploit called ‘deja vu’
  • Enhanced telemetry to detect exploit utilities

SX OS 1.7

SX OS 1.8 is the latest version of a commercial Switch custom firmware. The Switch CFW can run on Nintendo Switch v5.1.0 and the lower firmware consoles before the V1.8. Once it’s launched on the Nintendo Switch console, users can download and play free games, free homebrews. Unlike the other Switch cfws, the SX OS is the only custom firmware supports .XCI Switch game, which is the downloaded version of retail Switch cartridge. In short, with the SX OS 1.8 compatibility to the future Switch V6.0, all the users will be able to play free games and install homebrews on the new Nintendo Switch firmware again!

We received some feedback from some expert users who are early adopters of the upcoming 6.0 firmware update. It appears we had overlooked something which made SXOS not boot firmware 6.0 for users with an exFAT formatted microSD card.

Oops. Suffice to say, we wasted no time to track down the root cause of this issue and fixed it up for you, still ahead of the official 6.0 release schedule!

Another thing which has been addressed is the incompatibility of the current “layeredFS” implementation with firmware 6.0. SX OS will now automatically disable “layeredFS” support when running on firmware 6.0, preventing any crashes/hangs.

That’s it for now. We’re running out of (reasonable) minor version numbers for SX OS 1… which means we are revving up for the big SX OS 2.0 release! At this point we can’t spoil yet what the next iteration of SX OS has in store for you, but rest assured it will be exciting.

Again, sorry for this minor bug-fix release.

Enjoy the upcoming 6.0 firmware with SX OS!

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Can SX Pro, SX Gear and SX OS license hack the Nintendo Switch V6.0?

SX OS 1.8 is the CFW lets you play free games directly on the Switch firmware V6.0. But for installing it to your Switch console, you will need to buy these things, the SX Pro or SX OS license and SX Gear. What are they? Let me introduce to you one by one.

SX Pro: Your ultimate kit for hacking Nintendo Switch, it is including everything you need for installing the SX OS, a usb dongle, a joycon rcm jig and a sx os license code in the dongle. It is super easy to use, all you need to do is just download, plug and play, so if you can pay for around $50, you can get this amazing Switch hacking tool-SX Pro to play hunderds of free Switch games and homebrews.

SX OS license: SX OS license isn’t a physical product, it’s a license code or key for users to get access to commercial Switch CFW, SX OS. It is with a very lower price, at around $29, buyers of it should also have a joycon jig and a similar usb dongle for booting SX OS to the Nintendo Switch. Though it’s cheap, it’s a little complicated to use for haking Switch.

SX Gear: SX Gear is your best companion for SX OS. It includes an empty usb dongle and a solid joycon jig. So if you only have the SX OS code, you can buy the SX gear to get SX OS cfw to your Switch.In the meanwhile, SX Gear can be used to install any other Switch CFW.

All in all, SX Pro, SX OS code and SX Gear, they can all be your options for jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch V6.0.0.