SX OS 1.9, can it be used safely for hacking Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is already cracked for a long time, although it has several methods and CFW to crack this console, SX OS is still the best choice for several players. It allows you to run free backups games on your console and run HBL applications. In any case, the risk of piracy still exists, but how to avoid the risks? Or is it safe to use SX OS on NIntendo Switch?

Is it the best way to crack Nintendo Switch?

In April of this year, the network has information about the exploitation of a vulnerability in Nintendo Switch, which it was possible to jailbreak the device, that is to say to install custom installations, launch pirated games and even self-described software. Of course, after discovering such a bug in the network, it could not appear different solutions for jailbreaking consoles. One of the most famous is SX OS and SX Pro, created by Team Xecuter.

Although there is a free version of SX OS, its functionality is limited, in fact, it only allows users to run on the console’s self-writing software. While the paid version, in turn, offers many more opportunities and allows you to play pirated versions of games.

Mike Heskin, the developer of a hack group, has already helped Team ReSwitched developers create the Atmosphere for Nintendo Switch firmware. Now, the researcher felt that if he had already hacked the Switch console, you could try to convert the SX OS code. “I consider these things as an interesting puzzle,” writes the expert.

As a result, Heskin found that Team Xecuter had used its own code previously created for Team ReSwitched in its decision, which contravened the open source license (however, the specialist notes that this was intended).

Is there a risk of using SX OS to crack Nintendo Switch?

The license of SX OS is the key of the product of “SX Family”, once you activate this license, you can install a CFW on your console of Switch in order to launch the backups of the games and applications of HBL.

  • The Xecuter SX OS is a service and not a product, after its official release (around June 15), you can get a download code for SX OS, and then go to the official website of the team xecuter to download it on the SD card.
  • To use Xecuter SX OS, you need to prepare your own “Xecuter SX USB Dongle and Slider”.
  • No need to buy it again if you have already ordered the Xecuter SX Pro.
  • Activation of SX OS can be done via SX OS itself if you have configured WiFi on your Nintendo Switch.
  • If you have not configured WiFi, you can recover your SX OS license via the official website

But is there a risk of using it? Indeed, there is a rumor that there is a brick code including with SX OS, once you have installed a CFW SX OS on your console Switch, it is possible to brick your console. Sometimes, to protect their own rights and interests, brick code is part of the tactics used by the Xecuter Team to reduce the risk of clones reuse their products, such as SX OS license code and secure their profits.

But in fact, there is no one who meets this “brick code”, therefore, I propose that you must use a code of the license of an official dealer, I do not believe that this code does not would never trigger “by mistake” for a legitimate Team Xecuter dongle client.

In conclusion

In short, there is no risk of using SX OS to crack Nintendo Switch if you do not connect online anymore. Of course, Team Xecuter can often update the version of SX OS and add more and more features, so do not worry, you can use it on your console without any worries. The product of “SX Family” is really popular on the market today, so feel free to choose a reliable site to make a purchase. Allow me to introduce our site, we can offer the best service here, you can enjoy fast delivery because all products can be shipped directly from our warehouse in USA. For the code of SX OS, once you have made the order, we can send it to you by email within 24 hours in the working day. Welcome to our site, you will not regret in the future.