SX OS 2.0 available | What’s the emuNAND focused on Nintendo Switch?

Last week the Xecuter team formally announced version 2.0 of SX OS, it’s an important update, as expected, and today we will see together what the sx os 2.0 has brought us and must we put the sx os up to date? What is emuNAND for Nintendo Switch and the same as emuNAND 3DS? discover your answers in this article!

Summary of SX OS 2.0 Update

When you go to read the official website’s changelog, you will find that it is a long and in English, but it does not matter, here is a summary of the news in the major 2.0:

  • EmuNAND available for Nintendo Switch
  • Possibility of dumper / restore the NAND
  • LayeredFS support for FW 6.0
  • ¬†Support for homebrews in NSP format

Who follows the scene on 3DS console knows what we are talking about, the emuNAND is a copy of the Nand memory that is in a hidden partition of the SD card of the portable console. Once installed, you can use this copy, as if it were the real NAND of the console.

In the Switch the EmuNAND works much the same way, using a NAND Flash storage chip to store all the system software, as well as game saves and other resources. With EmuNAND we are going to create a shadow copy of this archive from which it is possible to run SX OS.

The advantages will be many, we can go to run the entire SX OS system separately from the original firmware and even mount an older firmware, such as firmware 6.0.0 on EmuNAND and maintain the 5.0.2 firmware on the original Nand memory.

Another good thing is to preserve the console from a possible ban, going to run SX OS in EmuNAND with the Stealth mode enabled, all files and resources in use on the file system of the EmuNAND will not be visible in the original firmware mode.

SX OS EmuNAND works slightly differently on the Switch than the 3DS handheld console, where the entire NAND is copied to a separate partition on the MicroSD card.

With SX OS EmuNAND the EmuNAND partition is located within the same NAND. The main reason for this is that occupying 32 GB in a MicroSD card looks a little too expensive. Secondly, using the existing flash memory we can guarantee performance and reliability.

In order to configure the EmuNAND you will not have to do is enter the SX OS start menu (by holding down Volume + during startup) and access the “Options” menu.

There you will find a section called EmuNAND that will guide you through the installation. By default, SX OS will allocate 15 GB for the EmuNAND partition. If you want to use a different size, press the “advanced” button before creating the EmuNAND.

SX OS will automatically start in EmuNAND if it finds a valid EmuNAND partition. If you do not want to run the console in EmuNAND, there is a button in the SX OS boot menu that will allow you to continue booting with the EmuNAND disabled.

What is the emuNAND on Nintendo Switch?

There are probably players who do not understand emuNAND, and in the official announcement it’s explained as a copy of the original NAND, on which you can run the software and games normally, that is, Say you can play newer and online games with less risk of ban. The concept of emuNAND was invented to limit the risks inherent in hacking when using a CFW. The principle is simple: it is to virtualize (or emulate) a NAND that will be dedicated to the operating system of the custom firmware (CFW).

The Xecuter team says they have added the emuNAND but in reality it is not a real emuNAND but a partition of the NAND. You will actually resize the partition of your SysNAND (at 15go for example) then create a new partition (of 15go) for your pseudo-EmuNAND. A real emuNAND would virtualize a second NAND on the SD card without altering the main NAND.

Be careful the partition created by the SX OS is 32GB by default, but you can change it to 15GB on the menu.

You should know that the telemetry module (which collects the data and sends it to Nintendo during a crash), Creport, detects the size of your NAND (NANDTotalSize). This remains to be confirmed but Nintendo would be able to detect TX emuNAND. You are warned. It is likely that in an upcoming firmware update, Nintendo adds even more telemetry to check your partitions, so do not update your firmware if you install emuNAND.

EmuNAND 3DS VS. EmuNAND Switch, what are the differences?

We’ve talked a lot about the emuNAND 3DS, it’s done through a classic Gateway 3DS 3DS flashcard, which lets you play 3DS games on 3DS 4.1-9.2, and even DS games on 3DS, because Gateway 3DS helps you to create an emuNAND. So emuNAND switch is the same or not? By the way, it makes a little difference, here it is:

  • You can install a different firmware than your sysNAND and keep your OFW on the lowest version.
  • All homebrews and games installed on your emuNAND will not be accessible via the OFW (and therefore not detectable in theory)
  • EmuNAND Switch is installed on the original NAND is the eMMC, while the emuNAND 3DS is on the SD card

Download and install SX OS 2.0

You can update to SX OS 2.0 now using the built-in update program if you are on SX OS 1.9 or later. Otherwise, go to and take a copy. On the other hand, before updating, be careful, read the precautions below, and then decide if you can bother bricking your Switch!


  1. Several users report that SX OS 2.0 does not work for 3.X firmware. Stay in SX OS 1.9 if you are in this case, waiting for a fix.
  2. Activating/deactivating the AutoRCM option seems to no longer work (you can use Hekate instead)
  3. Some players in FW 6.0 find freeze/crashes when leaving sleep mode while a game is in progress
  4. More serious but less common, some users have bricked their Switch by installing emuNAND, dumping the NAND or activating the autoRCM for the first time. Even if these cases remain to be confirmed (SX OS may not be in question), especially make a backup of the NAND (via Hekate) before performing any of these operations. If you have a PSOD (purple screen), use the Repair GPT option of the SX Loader.

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