SX OS: How to check if your Nintendo Switch is patched or not?

The CFW SX OS is the most secure hack for Nintendo Switch and has claimed compatibility for all models, regardless of its firmware version and region. By cons, it is not quite the case, some consoles manufactured after the month of July where the feat of the card Tegra Nvidia was unveiled are probably patched, in other words, there are models that are not compatible with hack sx os, so how do you know if your Nintendo Switch is hackable? This is a technical method to guide you.

Check if your Switch is compatible with SX OS before you buy it

Do you plan to buy a Nintendo Switch console or an SX OS license code? It is mandatory to be sure that the console is “hackable”, that is to say possible to be cracked. The simplest method is to check the unique serial number for each Switch model, and we have also written an article on this topic Which Nintendo Switch serial number are compatible with the SX Pro hack? in our blog, however the list of devices is not complete, if you can not find your number, I recommend the technical method for verification. In short, here’s what to do:

  1. To do this, the Switch console must switch to RCM mode using a Jig
  2. Download TegraRcmGUI and biskeydumpv6.
  3. Open TegraRcmGUI and go to Settings>
  4. Install the driver, and then start the USB driver installation process.
  5. Enter RCM mode following the instructions above
  6. If it worked, TegraRcmGUI should indicate that your Switch is in RCM mode.
  7. Copy biskeydump to the TegraRcmGUI folder.
  8. Copy the folder location from the address bar,
  9. Open a new command prompt window as an administrator and enter: “cd [paste file location]
  10. Run the command: “TegraRcmSmash.exe -w biskeydump.bin BOOT: 0x0” If your switch displays a QR code, then it is not fixed. Otherwise you do not have the chance (for the moment at least)

If you do not know the RCM mode, and here is the procedure to enter RCM mode on your Nintendo Switch:

  1. Turn off your Switch
  2. Insert the jig into the right Joycon rail
  3. Press and hold the volume + button, and then press the power button.
  4. The switch should light silently, the screen will be blank, if you see the Nintendo logo, it will not work, readjust your jig and try again.

A-Z Guide to Verification

In the list of hack sx os compatible devices, if you get a “Certainly patched” or “Probably patched” result, how do you do that?

Here’s what you can do before you buy TX SX Pro or an SX OS license to see if it will work with your Nintendo Switch. A complete guide:

You have downloaded the TegraRcm GUI and Biskeydump v6 files to your PC and switched your Switch to RCM mode, so continue with the steps below

  1. On your PC, you will have to launch TegraRcm GUI and install the APX driver.
  • Start TegraRcm GUI
  • Go to the Settings tab
  • Click on “Install Driver”

If you see the APX driver dialog not found, click “Yes”.

2. Connect your Switch to your PC with USB C to USB A.

You should see the “RCM O.K.” message

3. CLOSE the TegraRcmGUI

4. You must now copy biskeydump.bin to your TegraRCMGUI directory.

5. Open the command prompt and navigate to your TegraRcmGUI directory.

here is an example:

6. Now you must run the following command:

  • TegraRcmSmash.exe -w biskeydump.bin BOOT: 0x0

Then, check the resulting output. There are two possible outcomes.

6.1 The Switch will accept and execute the payload displaying 0x7000 and a QR code will be displayed on your Switch. This indicates that your Switch is not patched! If this is your result, the TX SX Pro dongle and the SX OS will work on Switch!

6.2 Switch will accept payloads, but will not run display 0x0000. This indicates that your Switch is patched and is currently not compatible. The current version of the TX SX Pro and CFW SX OS Dongle will NOT work on your Switch. If this is your case, read on, we offer other solutions to hack your Nintendo Switch.

Patch patched? Do not worry, you will have these alternative options

If unfortunately your Switch is not compatible with the sx pro or the CFW SX OS, you can still crack it:

Buy SX Gear Dongle, or R4s Switch then install the CFW ReiNX

As a reminder, ReiNX is a CFW for Nintendo Switch that has advanced features such as loading homebrews, LayeredFS support or loading KIP, and NSP ROMs. Compared to CFW SXOS, it is not very powerful but still a good replacement.

ReiNX is currently in version 1.7 and available for download here.