SX Pro and OS in stock, when you can receive it after order in USA?

Great news, currently SKY-3DS.COM gets SX Pro and SX OS Code both in stock. No matter you want to buy the Pro kit or the OS license keys from our site, as long as you are in USA, you can receive it within a short time after payment. How to buy SX PRO or SX OS from us and which is better to choose? Let me give you answer here.

SX Pro and SX OS are In Stock-USA

SX Pro

Currently, almost all the Xecuter SX resellers are not keeping the SX Pro in stock, but us, the SKY-3DS.COM, we still have 40 SX Pros in our American warehouse and awaited for your purchase. As for the SX OS Code, we always keep it in stock, after your order, we can send you via e-mail immediately in working hours of Business Days.

Status Amount
Xecuter SX Pro In Stock 40 units left
Xecuter SX OS In Stock Unlimited

Where to buy SX Pro or SX OS with the fastest delivery in USA?

For now, it is us, SKY-3DS.COM. Because we have both of them in stock, so after purchase, you are no need to wait. No pre-order for Americans, the SX Pros are already in USA. How to order the SX Pro from us with a fast delivery? So simple, sign up in our site, put the SX Pro in your shopping cart, choose USPS as the carrier, then do checkout for the Xecuter SX Pro, once your SX Pro order accepted by us, your order will be shipped out within 24 hours in Working Days. The USPS shipping time is 2 to 7 days, so you can receive the SX Pro in or around a week, isn’t that fast?

Or if you want to buy the cheap SX OS Code, it’s ok too. SX OS is in stock as well, place the order, as long as your payment is received by SKY-3DS.COM, in the working days, you will receive the OS Code e-mail within 2 to 12 hours. You may don’t want to wait after payment, it’s ok, e-mail to the, we will tell you a instant way to receive the OS license code after payment.

SKY-3DS.COM now accepts Credit Card payment, but if you want to use Paypal, e-mail us too, we can support that.

Xecuter SX Pro or SX OS Code, which to buy?

xecuter sx pro user guide

The SX Pro will be much easier to use for hacking the Nintendo Switch, if you buy the SX OS Code only, you still need to find a jig and an usb dongle alternative to boot and load CFW to your Switch console. The Pro version contains an OS Code, so users are no need to buy another one. For most of you, the SX Pro kit will be a better choice, because for using the OS CODE, you need to do more for setup, and this is not that simple as using the SX Pro.