SX Pro-Team Xecuter VS unhackable Switch

Recently days, Team Xecuter has released a new announcement for the unhackable switch, They have published their opinion on the official site, So, what’s the Team Xecuter’s new announcement? When will Team Xecuter support unhackable Switch? on the below, we will show you the details and answer.

What’s the Team Xecuter’s new announcement?

Earlier this year, it was discovered that Nintendo Switch, like all SOC Tegra X1-based devices, has a very serious vulnerability that allows you to run unauthorized code in RCM mode bypassing all the authenticity checks of the signatures, compromising all the firmware future. While Nintendo has not commented on the issue, the Japanese company has acted quickly under the nose of all, bringing to market the first Nintendo Switch units no longer vulnerable.

Last we heard from TX they were searching for Switch’es that have been patched by Nintendo in the factory, and they have just announced today that support for these so-called “unhackable switch’es” will be coming in due time from the developers at Xecuter, so stay tuned for more news regarding this amazing development in the near future, in the meantime, read their official announcement below regarding the IPATCH changes as they slowly work on getting to the bottom of it, and finish working on releasing complete SX PRO and SX OS support in due time!

When will Team Xecuter support unhackable Switch?

About this problem, Team Xecuter has given the answer to us, Recently, it has come to our attention there’s a new revision of the Nintendo Switch in the wild which is incompatible with our SX Pro product. This isn’t simply an incompatibility with SX Pro but rather appeared to be a fix of the infamous “USB RCM” exploit.

The answer is obvious: There is more than one coldboot bootrom exploit, and it is not just the warmboot one.

So don’t fear: we will deliver a solution for these new “unhackable” switches in due time!

Nintendo has made its move

“… Nintendo did not do much to correct the exploit …” or at least that’s what we thought until a few days ago when, two users of GBAtemp, have reported receiving this fantastic review of Nintendo Switch with firmware 4.xx .

The two users still manage to enter RCM mode but when they try to send a payload nothing happens (the latter is not sent) and all they receive is a black screen.

SciresM suspects that Nintendo has used an iPatch system on the Nvidia Tegra chip to “burn” new protection code in thebootROM, thus eliminating the overflow error of the USB recovery mode that previously allowed to enter.

ThesebootROM iPatches are relatively simple for Nintendo to be implemented at the factory when the system is still in production, but it is impossible to load them on tens of millions of units that have already been sold before the exploit was made public.

The good news is that these are NOT the new Mariko units that have been rumored for some time.

Reviews of Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS:

This is good news for switch owners who are patched. Now remains to see how they will do to propose this solution, either with a new revision of the dongle or by proposing an update to install on the current dongle, the second solution seems more likely because it seems to me that a method already allows to change the payload launched by the SX Pro so it must be possible to update the rest, at least I guess.

Second interesting thing, we will know how the TX intends to support their dongle to counter future security implemented by Nintendo or NVIDIA, including the new revision of the Tegra that arrives. If they release a new revision of the dongle each time a new security is put in place it will be better towait a little, at least this new console revision arrives on the market but if they make a simple update. day for the current dongle will be interesting, even if nothing guarantees that the new revision of the Tegra will be exploitable with the current hardware of the dongle it will be known that they will try in the first place to propose a software update of it.

Can we purchase the Xecuter SX Pro for hacking Nintendo Switch?

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